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What is an aspect ratio?


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An aspect ratio is the width by height dimensions (the ratio) of a display screen. It's often used in terms of a movie screen, TV, or computer monitor. The standard aspect ratio for television is 4:3 (aka Academy Standard or 1.33:1). In other words, if the width of the screen is four inches, the height would be three inches. If the width is eight inches, the height would be six inches. If the width is 16 inches, the height would be 12. Wide-screen television broadcasts and DVDs are 16:9 (aka 1.78:1). Modern movies are either 1.85:1 (aka Widescreen, Academy Flat or Academy for short) or 2.35:1 (aka Panavision, Cinemascope or just Scope). Technically, Panavision is 2.39:1, but is still commonly referred to as 2.35:1. There are also quite a few aspects that have been used by the movie industry, but are no longer used.


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The aspect ratio of a duct can be evaluated as the ratio of width to height. As the aspect ratio increases, vibration noise, friction and cost also increases.

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That is a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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The aspect ratio of a widescreen resolution is 16:9

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The aspect ratio is the tires profile. For instance, a tire with a 60 aspect ratio means that the tires hight from tread to rim is 60% of the tires nominal width. The lower the aspect ratio # the wider the tire.

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