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AnswerAn associates in Occupational studies degree is what you receive from a vocational school. Usually a school like Vatterott College, or Platt College, will offer a degree like this. The degree means you haven't finished school at a 4-year college, but have training related to the field you are entering into as a career.
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Q: What is an associates of occupational studies?
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What jobs can you get with an associates of occupational studies in holistic health?

You can be a janitor.

What is the abbreviation of associate of occupational studies?

AOS associate of occupational studies

All of the following associate's degrees are career degrees except?

associates of art in teaching

What is an associates in occupational studies?

The Associate of Occupational Studies degree is for students who intend to enter the work force upon graduation. There are generally little or no liberal arts requirements for this degree.Source: Wikipedia

What can you do after an Associates of Occupational Science degree in Medical Assisting?

male nurse

What can I can an associate's degree in?

Associates degrees that are transferrable are the most popular. These include an associates of arts, science, fine arts and arts in teaching. Associate Degrees that work towards career and professional goals by themselves are applied science, industrial technology, business administration and occupational studies There are also various off the wall associates degrees like: associate of public service, forestry, nursing, general studies, engineering, applies business, applied arts, baccalaureate studies, political science, etc.

How is Assoc in Occupational Studies different than Associates in Applied Science?

Typically, they are the same. They are designed to give the student all the expertise needed to enter the workforce after completion of the specific program of study. Within the United States, the degree is most often referred to as an associates in applied science. Still, the occupational degree typically has no liberal art courses, while the applied science degree has some liberal art courses.

Associates in occupational studies degree in medical assistant can obtain what salary?

A medical assistant, on average, earns an annual salary of about 32,000 dollars. Salaries vary from location to location, however, and depend on a person's level of experience.

Have GED What is the next step to become an occupational therapist?

You would enroll in college to get an occupational therapy degree. There may also be associates degrees available if you want to be an assistant.

What is an Associate Occupational Studies Degree?

Associate in Occupational Studies degree is for students who intend to enter the work force upon graduation. There are generally no liberal arts requirements for this degree.

What is the abbreviation for associates in specialized business for paralegal studies?


What is the difference between an occupational associate's degree and an academic associate's degree?

The purpose of an occupational associates degree's is to get you ready for a particular occupation right away and offers more specialized training, while academic associates degrees are more general and are better used in preparing you for further education.

What eduacation do you need to be a occupational therapist?

Currently, NBCOT (the national certification board for OT) requires that a registered occupational therapist hold a master's degree in occupational therapy from an accredited program. An occupational therapy assistant requires an associates degree from an accredited program. Hope this helps!

What is the prognosis for a patient with occupational asthma?

Occupational can be reversible. However, continued exposure to the symptom-producing substance can cause permanent lung damage. Follow-up studies of people with occupational asthma show that some cannot be protected.

What is Associates degrees?

An associated degree is handed over to students after the successful completion of Undergraduate studies..

What associates degree is needed to become a occupational therapist assistant?

Typically, it is an associate in applied science (AAS) in occupational therapy assisting. Remember, this is a very career oriented program, and initially was not designed as a transfer program to a four year college or university.

What qualifications does a certified Occupational Therapist Assistant require?

To become an occupational therapist assistant one must earn at least an associates degree from an OTA program that accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education. One must also pass COTA exam. After earning the degree one must get a license in the state they wish to practice in.

What does AOS degree mean?

Associate of Occupational Studies. It is a 2 year degree usually linked to a specific trade.

Is there a difference between an Associate in General Studies and an Associate in Arts in General Studies?

The associates in general studies has to be either an arts or science degree. You cannot just have a degree in general studies. Typically this type of degree is usually referred to as a liberal arts degree (AA).

What is the difference between a electronics engineering technology occupational associate's degree and a electronics engineering associate's degree?

Typically, the occupational associates is designed to give the student all the expertise necessary to enter the workforce in entry level positions immediately after completion of the degree. The engineering associates is designed for transfer to a four year college or university for the bachelor's degree. However, it depends on the institution their approach and intent particular to each degree.

How many college credits transfer from associates in general studies to a bachelor in criminal justice?

Typically, most if not all credits should transfer between these two majors provided you took the associates degree at a regionally accredited college.

List of occupational dances?

5types of occupational dance

Associate of arts in nursing?

Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).Typically, an associates in nursing is an associates in science degree (AS).

What classes should I take to get an associate's degree in science?

An associates in science degree (AS) is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. For example, an associates in science degree in engineering, nursing, occupational therapy, computer science, etc. Each major will have requirements particular to themselves.

What are some occupational jobs in California?

There are a few occupational jobs in California. Occupational Therapist is one. Another occupational job is CFDC Pediatric Occupational Therapist. There is alos Home care occupational therapist, clinical rehabilitation educator.

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