What is an astonomer?

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One who studies astronomy - which is basically the study of the Universe, of things which are mainly outside of planet Earth.

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Q: What is an astonomer?
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Who was the first astonomer to make extensive use of the telescope?


What is the diffence between atrologer and astonomer?

Astronomers are scientists. Astrologers are charlatans.

Who is the first Astonomer to name the sun as the center of the solar system?

joshua ,jb,gjasmg

How much a astonomer make?

the astronomer may get up to 150,000,000 dollar to 999,999,999 dollar

Which ancient astonomer was the first to use a telescope?

There were no telescopes prior to 1608, so no "ancient" astronomers ever used one.

What training do you need to be an astonomer?

you need to be able to noice and do any mathimaticl problem with a doctoral degree and you also need to have a doctoral degree on physics

What istument would an astonomer use to see other galaxy?

Radio telescopes, big telescopes, gama ray detectores, X ray detectores etc.

Why do astonomer's consider Pluto an odd planet?

They consider Pluto an odd planet because Pluto is so small and they think it dis-qualifies it from the planets. Also, Pluto has a tilted orbit and it is in the shape of an oval instead of a disk. Some people think it is a planet, while some people think it is a dwarf planet, or as you would say, an "odd planet". Some people even consider it not a planet at all.

Who first went in a diving bell?

Sir Edmund Halley, the Astonomer Royal, is credited with the invention of the Diving Bell in l7l7. Many people are not aware of this fact. Halley is much better known for (His) comet, which he did not discover, but did accurately predict its periodic orbit and return dates. Most comets are named after their discoverers such as Comet Bennett. Y'eah, you know, She has High Yellow content- and under the right magnification a beehive! kidding aside there is a Comet Bennett, not named in honor of Estelle!

How did God make a covenant with Abraham and Moses?

A covenant sometimes denotes an agreement between to persons, more often beteeen God and man. Because of their righteousness, God made covenants between Abraham, Moses and many other righteous people. Covenants are made through the Spirit giving a message to the individual or through the voice of Christ who speaks for the father. The covenant made to Moses was that he was to be the father of a great nation, as also was Abraham so blessed that the Savior would come through his line. It was through Moses that the law of God was given (The Commandments).Though the original stone plates were broken and a lesser law was given. Moses was given insites to many great things and Abraham was shown all of the workings of the heavens and is perhaps the greatest astonomer of all time.

Who created the metric system?

Who invented the metric system?The metric system was invented in France in 1790, a French National congress directed the Academy of Sciences to standardize the units of measurements.A group from the Academy used a decimal system and defined the meter to be one 10-millionths of the distance from the equator to the earth's Pole (The Earth's circumference would be equal to 40 million meters).The group consisted of mathematicians Jean Charles de Borda, Joseph-Louis Comte de Lagrange, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Gaspard Monge and Marie jean Antoine Nicholas CaritatJean Charles de BordaJean Borda was French Mathemtician, physicist and political scientistHe wrote a book as a miliraty engineer, from this he was elected to the French academy of science where he and five others worked together to create the metric system.Josep-Louis LagrangeJoseph-Louis Lagrange was Italian.He was a Mathemtician and astronomer.He contributed to the calculus of variationsPierre-Simon LaplacePierra-Simon Lapace was FrenchHe was a Mathemtician and Astonomer and he helped with the creation of the Metric systemGaspard MongeGaspard Monge was French.He was the inventor of descriptive geometry. And he helped create the Metric system.Marie Jean Antonie NicolasMarie Jean Antonie Nicolas was FrenchHe was a Philosopher, mathematician and early political scientist, he helped create the Metric system.

Who is Tycho Brahe what were his significant observation which were later used by Johannes Kepler in realizing the three laws of planetary motion?

Tycho Brahe (14 December 1546 - 24 October 1601) was a Danish nobleman who is said to be the greatest obvervational astronomer of his age. A flamboyant character with a gold nose. His nose was cut off in a dual with another nobleman. He was known to live to excess. He often ate large rich meals and also drank a lot of alcohol. It was this that actually caused his death through an infection in his bladder caused of years of glutony and excess. He was granted an estate on the island of Hven and built an observatory called Uraniborg. However a disagreement with the king in 1597 caused him to leave to become the official imperial astonomer for the Holy Roman Emporer the Czech Rudolph II in Prague. He built a new observatory at Benatky nad Jizereo. It was here that from 1600 until his death in 1601 that Johannes Kepler (27 December 1571 - 15 November 1630) was his assistant. Kepler was is said to be the greatest mathematian of his age. Acurate observations of wandering stars (planets) over many years allowed Johannes Kepler, to calculate the 3 laws of planetary motion. Although Kepler had to wait until after Brahe's death to get all the information he needed.

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