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Any king, queen, emperor or empress that holds absolute power over a nation or territory. Autocratic implies this person is ruthless, coercive, makes bad decisions at times, does not listen to advice, and simply does as he or she pleases.

the closest I think we have today is the head of the military regime in Myanmar (Burma) and Kim Jong Il of North Korea. while they're not called "kings," they act and have the same power as absolute, autocratic monarchs. I'd call they tyrants or despots.

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Q: What is an autocratic monarch?
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Was Peter the Great a king?

Peter the Great was a king in the sense that he was an autocratic ruler such as a monarch. He was not a king in the sense that he was crowned "Czar" as opposed to "King."

Who was Tsar Nicholas ll?

He was the last Tsar (Former Emperor of All Russia) . He was a husband of Alexandra. He was an autocratic monarch or ruler who was forced to abdicate his throne.

Is Alex Ferguson an autocratic or democratic leader?

He is an Autocratic leader!

Is Iraq an autocratic?

iraq is an autocratic country

Is Syria ruled by a dictatorship or autocratic government?

It is Autocratic

Can you give me a sentence for autocratic in it?

The autocratic king made all the decisions

What is a simile for autocratic?

An autocratic is like a mean person about to bully you for no reason

Who can be elected in an Autocratic government?

In an autocratic government, the leader is typically the one who holds all the power and is not elected through a democratic process. In some cases, a monarch or dictator may choose to appoint individuals to certain positions of power, but these appointments typically serve to consolidate the leader's authority rather than operate as elected representatives.

What caused the United states to side with Britain during war world 1?

Suspicion of Germany's autocratic government

Do all autocratic nations today have single prominent religion?

No, some autocratic nations, such as China, are atheistic.