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What is an average price and manufacturer date for a Lefever Nitro 12 Ga Ser 331573 with a beavertail forearm in very good condition?

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I'll Give you what I know: LeFever Nitro Specials are not Manufactured By Dan Lefever. They are made by Ithaca. Ithaca bought out The Lefever Arms Co. in 1922. Starting with serial #100000 in 1922 and ending in 1947 with #361199. These #'s encompass all Bores putting yours approx. 1946.

No Manufacture during WWII. Unfortunatly, 12ga. are not extremely rare. I bought one in good to very good cond. Aug of 2002 for $400.00.

A great book for Lefever history is "Uncle Dan Lefever, Master Gunmaker" by Robert Elliot.



AnswerFrank - You didn't ask a question? Luckily, I have the WikiAnswers crystal ball this weekend, so I know you want to know when your shotgun was made and what it is worth today. Same source says the answers are "about 1940" and "$300-$400".

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The average cost of a Lefever Nitro Special shotgun at auction is $650. This amount may be higher or lower depending on the condition of the gun.

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Average condition roughly around $250. Good to Excellent condition could be up to $4-$450 as the manufacturer doesnt make this model any longer

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