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== Makhanphal

रूचिरा (roochiraa)The exact pronunciation of the word in Hindi.

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What is avocado called in hindi?

avocado is not popular in india. It is called avocado Only.

Hindi translation for the word avocado?

MakhanphalMakhanphal is a Hindi term that refers to "Avocado" (Persea americana). In India, Avocado is also known as Butterfruit. In some countries, Avocado is also known as Alligator pear, or Butter Pear. In Kannada, one of the spoken languages in India, Avocado is called "Bennehannu"

What is an avocado called in Hindi?


What is the name for avocado in Hindi?

Avocado in Hindi is "Makkhan-phal" or "मक्खन फल". Also, called as "Butter fruit".

What is avocado fruit called in Hindi?


What is fruit avocado called in Hindi?


What do you say avocado in Urdu?

In both the languages; Hindi and Urdu, avocado is called 'nashpati'.

What is the Hindi name for avocado?

Hindi Name for Avocado is Makhanphal

Where do you get this butter fruit and what it is called in Hindi?

This unique fruit is grown only in the western ghats of coorg in Karnataka, India. It is called butter fruit in Hindi also because it is not a fruit of Hindi speaking region so the word butter fruit is adapted in Hindi. The fruit is called Avocado

Hindi meaning of avocado?


What you cal avocado in Hindi?

it ia called makhan phal

What are avocados called in Marathi?

avocado is called as alpukat in marathi... makhanphal in hindi

What is cantaloupe called in Hindi or in India?

In Hindi its called "Kharbooza"

What is an olive called in Hindi or in India?

Olive is called Jaitun in Hindi

What is hemp seeds called in Hindi or in India?

Marijuana is called bhang in Hindi.

What are prunes called in Hindi or in India?

prunes are popularly called (munnaka) in India. Prunes are ALUBOKHARA, in Hindi, Urdu in India, a red plumpy fruit and not Munnaka.

What is Blueberries called in Hindi or in India?

falsa in hindi, lukluki in bengali

How do you say grandma in India?

Grandma is called DADI or DADIMA in Hindi & Hindi is the national language of India

What is yogurt called in Hindi or in India?

Yogurt is referred to as "Curd" in India. "Dahi" is the Hindi translation for yogurt.

What is the Hindi meaning of avocado?


What avocado means in Hindi?


What do you called the holy temple?

the holy temple is called mandir in hindi. Hindi Is spoken in india.

Avocado in Telugu word?

Avocado in hindi means 'makhan phal'.The Telugu word for Avocado is 'venna pandu'.

What is avacodo called in marathi?

It is known as "makhanphal" in Hindi, not sure there is a specific name in Marathi - usually just called avocado.

What are Oysters called in Hindi or in India?

in Hindi we callad 'seep' or 'ceep" thanks