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What is an embedded system?

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An embedded system is a special purpose system, in which the computer is encapsulated by the device it controls. Unlike a general purpose system an embedded system will only perform some particular tasks. These are actually systems which are developed for performing some predefined tasks. Embedded systems may vary from small hand held devices like PDAs to large devices like robotic arms.
Embedded systems are generally control systems which are a part of another device and they can handle the entire operation of that device. They are generally electronic chips with CPU, memory,I/o ports and are programmable.

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Is a operating system an information system or embedded system?

embedded system

What is the differences between embedded system and embedded software?

An embedded system makes use of embedded hardware and embedded software to accomplish its purpose. Embedded software is generally comprised of: * Real-time operating system (RTOS) * Drivers (HW peripheral interface) * Application software

Why operating system is not a embedded system?

It is because the basic definition of embedded system is that it involves hardware and software for a single application. The device that is using an operating system may be an embedded system. But the operating system itself is not an embedded system It is because that it is only a software but not the combination of hardware and software.

Difference between microcontroller based system and embedded system?

embedded system also include microcontroller.

When to use embedded system?

In electronic circuit where controlling is necessary we can use the embedded system

Examples of embedded system development?

embedded system is an electronic device which is made for an specific task.when we are taking about the embedded system include the embedded life cycle,in which we have to specify the product ect,up to maintanence

Is operating system an embedded system?

An embedded system can include an Operating System to perform support functions for the application software and hardware. Because of the restrictive nature of an embedded system, its operating system will be compact and more efficient and will exclude many of the capabilities necessary in a general operating system. No. It is because the basic definition of embedded system is that it involves hardware and software for a single application. The device that is using an operating system may be an embedded system. But the operating system itself is not an embedded system It is because that it is only a software but not the combination of hardware and software.

Define embedded system and their mechanism?

what are embedded systems and what is their mechanism?

What is embedded internet system?

internet control of embedded devices

What do you means of resister in embedded system?

in embedded system resister means, memory to store the data.

What is exact definition for embedded system?

An embedded system is a system dedicated for a particular real time application,with a factory pre programmed microcontroller or microprocessor in it.The processor (and/or)controller used in embedded system are referred to as embedded processor or embedded controller (which may be ordinary or special purpose micro controller or microprocessor).

How embedded system differ from other system?

Embedded system is meant for only one single application. Remaining may not.

Does an embedded system need operating system?

Yes. It is because the embedded system involves a hardware that can use a software. This is where we need an operating system.

What is the importance of embedded system?

Embedded system is a combination of software and hardware. To complete some tasks, we need hardware and to control the hardware, we need some software. This is the basic principle of an embedded system. Every equipment which has a single application and uses hardware and software is an embedded system. The importance of embedded system can be found in robotics, signal and image processing, communication etc.

In computer technology what does an embedded system do?

An embedded system can be thought of as a small component in a larger electrical framework. In a computer, for example, each individual component, such as the motherboard, functions as an embedded system within the computer.

What is the Differences between an embedded Operating system and a personal PC Operating system?

Embedded operating systems cannot be replaced with other operating systems. embedded system are designed for dedicated applicationembedded system are tailored to specific application.

What is embedded application architecture?

An Embedded Architecture is a board that is implemented as the embedded system when programmed an embedded architecture is also a target board on which a uProcessor is plugged

Block diagram of embedded system?

it is a combination of embedded softwere and computer hardwhere

Why use an embedded system?

Embedded systems are used to minimise the use of somany components.

Difference between an microcontroller ic and an embedded system ic?

When a microprocessor or controller is programmed for a specific task, it is called our embedded system...............

Can you use a printed circuit board on an embedded system?

I cannot imagine a modern embedded system that is not built on a printed circuit board.

Is fpga an embedded system?

No., you can embed a system inside FPGA

What are the challenges to embedded system?

The embedded system is a computing system that interacts with the physical world. The challenges that it faces at present are on how to build on top of a non-deterministic system and how to build on top of a non-continuous system.

What is embedded system?

# A specialized computer system that is part of a larger system or machine. Typically, an embedded system is housed on a single microprocessor boardprograms stored in ROM. Virtually all appliances that have a digital interface -- watches, microwaves, VCRs, cars -- utilize embedded systems. Some embedded systems include an operating system, but many are so specialized that the entire logic can be implemented as a single program. # Embedded System is: specified purpose controller which is embedded as part of larger system. An embedded system has historically been defined as a single function product where the intelligence is embedded in the system. It could be anything from a dishwasher to a hearing aid, if that product includes a microprocessor and software. Many of today's embedded systems are looking more like PCs with user interfaces, touchscreens, displays, keypads and more. Still, these are not general function systems but are designed to perform very specific functions.

What is the definition of embedded systems in computer science?

A computer system which has been specifically designed for a particular function from within a larger computer system is what is called an embedded system.

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