Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

What is an essential oil?

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A nonpolar chemical substance that is a viscous liquid at ambient temperatures and is both hydrophobic and lipophilic, that is absolutely necessary, or extremely important.

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What is the difference between an aromatherapy oil and essential oil?

Aromatherapy oil is a diluted/modified form of pure essential oil.

What is Hindi name for rosemary essential oil?

Rosemary essential oil is known as rusmary in Hindi. This essential oil is an herb that grows on a small evergreen bush.

What is an essential oil of oranges?

Orange IS an essential oil. It is taken from the peel of any orange.

What is the difference between juniper berry essential oil and juniper leaf essential oil?

The essential oil is of greater therapeutic value when it is steam distilled from the berries of the juniper tree. So the better choice is Juniper Berry essential oil :)

Name three classifications of essential oil?

Essential Oil is Essential oil. Pure Essential Oil is 100 percent pure taken from one particular plant. Pure Essential Oil has no other oil or base added with it. You can have a "synergy" of Essential Oil where by the combination of one Essential Oil with one other or more than one other Essential Oil produces multiplied power of effects. used added to water in an oil burner a few drops of Essential Oil can transform your world. Pure Essential Oil has excellent effects when added to a carrier or "base" oil and used for massage. Not reccomended that Pure Essential Oil be used "neat" on skin as it is very powerful, can be mixed with vodka and combined to make perfume. Lavender oil is antifungal, antiseptic and can be used directly on skin. Excellent for burns, bites, cuts and overactive children. Fragrant oil is usual sold at markets cheap and has virtualy no benefits. Fragrant oil is the cheap stuff. Pure Essential Oil is well worth the investment. 3 drops go a long way. Combine three Pure Essential Oils together and you get a synergy which is the power of 11 Essential Oils.

What is the essential oil of oranges?

Orange essential oil is an oil col pressed from the orange peel rind. It is an aromatic essential oil that raises spirits and energy. It revitalizes and raises mood and good for the senses.

Which essential oil is used to get rid of a migraine?

Aromatherapy is the essential oil used to get rid of a migraine

Is olive oil an essential oil?

No, olive oil isn't an essential oil for one main reason. Essential oils are the essence of fragrant herbs or plants. To create an essential oil, steam is pumped into a chamber containing the plant, and the minute amounts of essential oils (the main fragrance and medicinal compounds) are captured by the steam. Then the steam flows into a condensing chamber, and the oil and water is condensed into liquid and then separated. It takes a lot of plant material to create even one ounce of pure essential oil. Olive oil is made by pressing the olives to extract their flavor and oil (not as concentrated as essential oil).

which is the best Lavender Essential Oil in usa?

Lavender Essential Oil in usaPure Lavender Oils - Get the best lavender essential oil for your skincare. We provide pure lavender oil in the USA with affordable price.

How do you know if your essential oil is a true essential oil?

Its very difficult to know if your essential oil is true or not. Basically there are three ways to know: 1. Buy from a local supplier that takes the essential oil business seriously and has genuine concern to their customers. They will even educate you about essential oils. It would even be better if you can buy from the essential oil producers themselves. 2. Smell the essential oil. Essential Oils supposedly smells like the raw material where they come from. Example, ginger essential oil should smell like real ginger. If your ginger essential oil smells like something else, there must be something wrong. 3. Check the price. Essential Oils don't come cheap. Some are really very expensive. A good indicator is price. If its priced too low, it can be a fragrance oil or very low quality essential oil.

What uses does Valerian essential oil have?

Valerian essential oil is used for calming and grounding the body and mind.

What is the chemical equation of essential oils?

Essential oil are mixtures.

Can you use vanilla essential oil for a perfume?

Vanilla is a great natural scent to wear! Diluting the vanilla essential oil with another non-scented carrier oil will not only protect your skin from possible damage by exposure to pure essential oil but will extend the life of your essential oil by allowing you to use less.

Can extract be used in place of essential oil?

This depends on which essential oil you are trying to replace. Many essential oils don't have a corresponding extract or are extracts in and of themselves.

Where can you purchase white angelica essential oil?

You can buy white angelica essential oil at the piping rock website.

How can you separate essential oils from oranges?

how to seperate essential oil from water

Where to purchase frankincense essential oil?

You can purchase Frankincense essential oil from any online essential oil company like Young Living or doTERRA. You can also purchase essential oils from amazon or ebay, but you won't always get the best quality oils that are 100% pure.

Does eucalyptus essential oil contain ammonia?

The principal constituents of eucalyptus essential oil are: Citronellal, citronellol, geraniol, and pinene. The gum contains an antibiotic substance called citriodorol. True essential oils have no addition substances and should be clearly marked as "Essential" oil.

What is the process for extracting oil from cloves?

Clove bud essential oil is extracted by water distillation. This oil is a pale yellow color with a sweet spicy scent. Clove leaf essential oil is extracted by water distillation. This oil is a dark brown color with a crude burnt woody fragrance. Essential oil from the stalks or stems is extracted by steam distillation. This oil is a pale yellow with a strong spicy woody odor. When buying clove oil be sure you are getting "essential" oil not infused oil.

Is essential oil water soluble?


What is the essential oil in clove?


Which is the Best Essential Oil for you?

What are the ingredients in Egyptian Musk Oil?

Egyptian Musk: 16oz. bottle Buy the oils that come in dropper bottles. * 9 drops of essential patchouli oil * 9 drops of essential amber oil * 9 drops of essential rose oil * 7 drops of essential cedar oil * 7 drops of essential frankincense oil * 7 drops of essential myrrh oil * 5 drops of essential vanilla oil * fill bottle half way with high quality almond oil * cut open and add one soft gel capsule of vitamin E to help protect the almond oil Shake the bottle well and store in a dark place for up to 21 days. make sure to shake the bottle every other day.

Can you mix essential oils together?

Yes! In fact, the therapeutic properties of essential oil are enhanced when combined with another. Lavender essential oil is an excellent choice for blending with other EOs.

What essential oil has the highest megahertz?

Rose Oil 320 MHz