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When a cell needs to divide, it condenses all of the DNA into a complex ball called chromatin. Usually (during interphase), the DNA is unwound and it looks like a bunch of hair in the cell. However, come dividing time, there needs to be some organization. The chromosomes wind themselves up around these bead like proteins called nucleosomes. Them they fold up into something called scaffolding. It keeps going until it forms the commenly known shape of an "X" as seen in the pictures of divinding cells. Then, so there is metaphase, where all of the chromosomes (the "X's") line up in the middle. The cell need to push and pull hald of the chromosomes to one pole and half to the other pole. So, the centriole shoots out a bunch of hair like things (actin-myosin fibers) to the center of the cell. The ends of these hairs connect to the kinetochore (in the center of the X) and to each other in the center of the cell. Then, when all of the hairs are hooked up, they push and pull on each other until they are far enough apart (and with equal chromosomes on both sides) that the cell can cave in and divide.

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Q: What is an everyday analogy for chromatin?
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What is a cell analogy for Chromatin?

A cell analogy for chromatin could be something like a library. This is because it serves at a single hub for human genes' genetic information.

What is an analogy for chromatin?

a chromatin is like a library because it stores all of our genetic information into millions of different genes

What is an analogy of chromatin?

Chromatin can be compared to a library. This is because it stores all genetic information into millions of different genes.

What is a analogy for a chromatin in a city?

a library because it stores all the information

What is a good analogy for chromatin?

Hi, I think Chromatin could be compared to a library because it has information about the genes, just as a library has information we need , the Chromatin has gene info the nucleus need. By Edgar Garcia-Wayland Academy

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What does Chromatin condense of?

Chromatin can't "condense of" anything, chromatin can condense into Chromosomes.

Do animals have chromatin?

Yes, they do have chromatin.

When is Chromatin present in a cell?

Chromatin is always present in the cell. Chromosomes are composed of chromatin

What is chromatin and where is it found?

Chromatin is a combination of protein and DNA. Chromatin is found in the nucleus of the cell.

What you a chromatin?

I'm not a chromatin, but chromatin is the long strands of genetic material floating in the nucleus

Do animal cells have chromatin?

Yes they do have chromatin.

What are facts about chromatin?

Chromatin transforms into chromosomes

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Chromatin is inside a nuclei.

Where is the genatic material located in the nucleus?

In the Chromatin (can be remembered as chromatin are long and thin). The Chromatin are inside of the nucleus and inside of the Chromatin is the DNA (genetic material).

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the chromatin tells the cell what to do. a person is made from their dna, which is in the form of chromosomes and chromatin

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Chromatin is found inside nucleus.

What cell is a chromatin?

Chromatin is contained in the DNA of a cell.

What is the condensed visible form of chromatin?

- Chromosone

Are chromatin prokaryote or eukaryote?

Chromatin are in eukariyotes.They are not in prokariyotes.

What is the description of a chromatin fiber?

A chromatin fiber is the point at which DNA in chromatin is higher then the nucleosome. Chromatin fibers occur when the linear array of the nucleosome fold into a tighter fiber.