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Humans, chimpanzees, tigers, desert mice, rats, bears, cats, crows, dogs, squirrels, skunks, sloths, pigs and lions. Hope this helps!


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Whales Is An Example Of An Omnivore That Lives In The Ocean

a bear for an omnivore and a tiger for carnivore

An example of a scavenger is a sea gull. An example of a herbivore is a uhhh, giraffe. An example of a carnivore is a lion. And an example of an omnivore is humans unless they are a vegetarian.

Omnivores are creatures that eat meat and plants. Humans are the greatest example of a omnivore.

An omnivore is the term for an organism that eats both plants and animals. Humans are a good example of an omnivore.

An herbivore is an animal that strictly eats plants, an omnivore eats some plants and some meat, and a carnivore eats strictly meat. An elephant only eats plants. Thus, elephants are herbivores. Humans would be an example of an omnivore, and lions are an example of a carnivore.

Tigersdesert miceratslionsbears

Yes, we eat both meat and vegetables.

An omnivore is an organism that eats both plants and other organisms. For example, a bird that eats seeds and insects would be considered an omnivore.

Frequently, but not necessarily. The racoon, for example is an omnivore that is, itself preyed upon by large owls and other animals on occasion.

An invertebrate is a species without a backbone. An omnivore is a creature that eats plants and animals. An example of an omnivorous invertebrate would be the Rhino Shrimp.

The Grizzly bear lives in Canada and also eats both plants, like berries, and meat, like deer. That means it is an omnivore.

No. A rat is a good example of an omnivore. Rats will eat most anything but prefer meat and grain.

An omnivore is a creature that eats both plants and animals, like humans. In the ocean, omnivores include sea stars, some crabs, and gulls.

Rats, more specifically the Brown or Black Rat

An omnivore will eat either plant or animal matter. Cockroaches do this

An omnivore for example human or bear

Yes, and an example is a bear or any other omnivore,

No, an omnivore is an omnivore and nothing else.

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