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What is an example of a figurative sentence on a second grade level?

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An example of a figurative sentence on a second grade level is "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse." It contains hyperbole.

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Do you capitalize second grade in a sentence?

No. It's not necessary.

A second grade sentence for nicely?

She nicely handed that over.

How do you use second in a sentence?

That little boy is in second grade. She was second to last in the batting line up.

What is a 5th grade sentence for oyster?

Example sentence - We opened an oyster to see if it had a pearl in it.

How do you tipe the sentence Mrs Nunley your second grade teacher is tall using necessary comas?

Mrs. Nunley, your second grade teacher, is tall.

What is a sentence for resistance?

this is a 2nd grade sentence for second graders. when somebody gets hurt,they have to resist the pain.

How do you put citizenship in a 4th grade sentence?

Example sentence - Our teacher gave our class a homework assignment to write an example of good citizenship.

How do you use dance in a sentence for 3rd grade level?

Example sentence - My grandfather taught me how to tap dance.

What is A second grade sentence with courage word?

To have courage is to fear something but do it anyway.

How do you use crony in a sentence?

We have been cronies ever since we met in the second grade.

How do you use glands in a sentence?

i dont know what are you guys talking about i am in second grade not big?

Example or perturb in a sentence?

Perturb means to annoy so like she was perturbed by her grade on the test

How can you use achievement in a sentence?

Example- My greatest achievement was when i won the 8th grade chess tournament.

What are some figurative language from eclipse the book from Stephenie meye?

I don't know why you're making Charlie carry notes to Billy like were in second grade.(simile) pg 1.

5th grade level example sentence using the word nucleus?

The nucleus is like the principal of a school.

Is grade a pronoun?

No, the word 'grade' is a verb (grade, grades, grading, graded) and a noun (grade, grades).A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.Examples:We need to grade the driveway to improve the water runoff. (verb)The appraiser gave my pearl the highest grade of lustre. (noun)The grade on my essay is very good. It is the best I've ever received. (the pronoun 'it' takes the place of the noun 'grade' in the second sentence)

How do you spell second grade?

The school grade (normally ages 7-8 in the US) is "second grade" but may be written as the ordinal number 2nd grade for clarity.

What is a long good sentence for second grade kid for the word predator?

A predator stalks, hunts, and eats its prey.

How do you use the word anyway in a sentence?

unles you'r in second grade you would know that you used the word "Anyway" to say the result or connect 2 things. for example: computers are cool but i liked an iphone anyways.

How do you use grade in a sentence?

That person is in third grade

What is the average reading level for a second grade student?

The average reading level for a second grade student in the United States is 1.4 to about 2.4. This means that most second grade students are reading at high first grade levels or medium second grade levels.

What is a good 5th grade sentence for the word quantitative obsrvation?

An example of quantitative observation in a sentence is "There are five marbles on a table". Quantitative observation are measurements using numbers.

Example of synopsis in a sentence?

She gave a synopsis about Georgia study and why it should be taught in 6th grade and not 8th because of how easy it is.

What is the simple subject and simple predicate in this sentence you all love to smile in second grade?

the simple subject is you and the simple predicate is love

What are the conjunctions fifth grade?

Conjunctions is a word that connects 2 sentences without having a period until the end of the second sentence. .

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