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a member of the chorus

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Q: What is an extra called in theatre?
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What was William theatre called?

If you mean William Shakespeare then the theatre was called the Globe.

What did the globe theatre used to be called?

the Globe Theatre.

What is William Shakespeare theatre called?

It is the Globe theatre

Why did the Globe theatre change its name?

the eagle eye theatre. it was called this because it had a place in the theatre called eagle view

When was the William Shakespeare theater first built?

There is no theatre called "the William Shakespeare Theatre". There is a theatre in London called "Shakespeare's Globe Theatre" which was built in 1996.

How much does it cost to see a movie at the imax theatre?

About $4.00 extra

What was the backstage called in the globe theatre?

The backstage of the Globe Theatre is called the Tiring room.

What was shakespeares theatre company originally called?

What was Shakespeare's theatre company originally called

Did the people playing comic roles make up extra bits in the globe theatre?


When did William Shakespeare theater burn down?

I have not heard of, and cannot find a reference to a theatre called "William Shakespeare Theatre" which is odd, considering how important Shakespeare was to the theatre. There is a theatre called the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon which was so named in 1961. It replaced an earlier theatre called the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre which burned down March 6, 1926.

Why was the globe theatre called the wooden o?

As it was a theatre in-the-round and made of timber

What is a film extra called?

A film extra is sometimes called a background actor.

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