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queen Isabella sponsored Christopher Columbus voyage.

first woman to be on a u.s coin.

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Was Isabella d'este renaissance woman?

Yes, in fact she was the first.

What was Queen Isabella I of Spain's first name?

Her name was Isabella, that's why she was called Isabella I.

Where did queen Isabella explore?

Queen Isabella did not in fact explore anywhere. she sent explorers to go. these explorers mostly went to the new world.

How many children did Queen Isabella the first have?

Queen Isabella the first had 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls.

In BBC's Robin Hood does Isabella marry prince John?

Well, I'm not sure but in fact John of England married twice. First to Isabel of Gloucester and later to Isabella of Anguleme. Robin Hood Isabella's could be the first one so there's maybe a chance for them to get marry in the series.

Was Isabella the first female monarch of england?

No. There has never been an English monarch named Isabella. Although there was a Queen Isabella, she was just the wife of the monarch. The first female monarch of England was Mary I.

Is Isabella a nice name?

yes ,, in fact that is a name of a princess before christ

Who is Isabella McClung?

Isabella McClung is ... Ashlynn Neumeyer's best friend on earth! Isabella is a stunning blond! She created the first Spaga. I once met her

Where is Queen Isabella the first of Spain?

She is dead

What is Bella's first name?

Isabella Swan.

What were the achievements of Isabella the first?

She reconquered Spain.

Phineas and Ferb who marries Isabella?

In the Episode ''Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo'',It was said by Amanda, the daughter of the future Candace, that Isabella looks like her Aunt Isabella. So Isabella thought that is was going to be Phineas because of the fact that she doesn't have a crush on Ferb but was stunned when Candace said that it could be Ferb.

Where did Queen Isabella 1st go to school?

Queen Isabella the first went to school in Spain with Columbus's crew.

Who is John King's wife?

First wife Isabella, Countess of Gloucester. Second wife Isabella, Countess of Angloueme

On Columbus' first trip Queen Isabella gave him a crew of sailors?

On Columbus' first trip, Queen Isabella gave him a crew of 90 sailors.

Where did Columbus get his money for his first voyage?

Queen Isabella

Who was Spain's first king or queen?

Isabella and firdinland

What was sojourners name when she was first born?

Isabella Baumfree .

What country is Isabella from?

Isabella was Queen of Spain. She is the mother of Catherine of Aragon (Henry VIII's first wife) and grandmother of Mary.

Who was Cole Sprouse first kiss?

this girl named Isabella

What is Isabella last name?

first it was swan now its Cullen

What did Queen Isabella the first of castile die of?

coma from a fever

What is Bella's real first name?

Isabella Marie Swan

What Ferdinand v and Isabella sponsored his first voyage?


Was Isabella d 'este a patron of art by providing financial support?

Yes... Isabella d' Esta was in fact a patron of art by providing financial support, in fact the definition of patron is "a person who provides financial support for the arts. This is exactly what was done by her thus making her "a patron"

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