Where did queen Isabella explore?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Queen Isabella did not in fact explore anywhere. she sent explorers to go. these explorers mostly went to the new world.

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Q: Where did queen Isabella explore?
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Who sponsored Christopher Columbus to explore?

king Ferdinand and queen Isabella of Spain

Who sent Balboa to explore?

King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella

What explore where sent out by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella?

Christopher Columbus was sent by Queen Isabella to find a route to the Indies via the Atlantic Ocean. He found America instead.

Who did Christhopher Columbus explore for?

Christopher Columbus sailed for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.

Where did christopher Columbus get the money to explore?

His voyage during which he discovered America was sponsored and financed by Queen Isabella of Spain.

How was queen Isabella related to Queen Elizabeth?

Which Queen Isabella?

Isabella was queen of what when she married Ferdinand?

Isabella was Queen of Castile and Leon

When did Queen Isabella become Queen?

Queen Isabella became queen in the year of 1474

Who are Queen Isabella's Siblings?

The brother of Queen Isabella was Alfonso.

Who was queen Isabella' husband?

Queen Isabella's husband was King Ferdinard of Aragon.

What queen granted christpher Columbus permission to sail for Spain?

queen Isabella Christopher Columbus asked King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of Spain for money to try out his idea of traveling west to reach the East. Queen Isabella refused Columbus at first. Later King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella gave Columbus three ships, a crew of about ninety men, and some money. The three ships were the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María.

Who provided Columbus 3 ships and 90 men for his voyages?

Queen Isabella