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What is an iPod and how it work?

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An iPod is a portable MP3 (music) player developed by Apple Computer. It works by downloading your music from your iTunes library.

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Does a iPod touch usb cable work on a you iPod nanno?

all iPod cables work interchangeably, except for the iPod shuffle.

Can you work on an ipod while charging with usb adapter?

If it is an iPod Touch, yes, you can work on an iPod or use the iPod while it is charging.

Does LimeWire work for iPod Touch?

yes, limewire does work for your iPod Touch. I have an iPod TOuch. well i like it @@@@

Does iPod touch work in the car?

Your iPod should still work in the car. The location of the iPod does not affect if it works or not.

Does an iPod charger work on a shuffle iPod?


Does avi videos work on ipod videos?

No, .avi does not work directly on ipod.

Will iPod headphones work on a iPad?

Yes, iPod headphones will work with an iPad.

Will your iPod Touch 64g work with ihome ih5?

Im pretty sure that your ipod touch will work with ihome ih5 as the speakers are made for ipods they work with any type of ipod out there. If on the cover/box of the ihome ih5 says that it will only work with ipod nano ipod video etc. and ipod touch is not on there it only means that the speakers were made before the ipod touch came out and Im 100% sure that it will work with your ipod. I bought speakers for ipod (i also have an ipod touch) and the information on the box didn't include ipod touch as the electronic that the speakers will work with but my ipod works perfectly with the speakers and I have no problems with it.

Do the new earphones with the built in mic for iPod work with iPod Touch 3g?

Yes, they do work with the iPod Touch 3rd Generation. The earphones should have came with the purchase of the iPod itself. But yes they do work.

Does iPod Touch work with Windows 7?

The iPod Touch will work with Windows 7.

Do normal iPod games work on iPod touch?


Does a iPod 5th Generation charger work with an iPod touch 2nd generation?

All iPod chargers work with all iPods.

Do ipod headphones work in blackberries?

Yes, iPod headphones work in Blackberries, any headphones will work with a Blackberry.

Will textplus software work on a ipod touch?

Yes, the app textplus was made for the iPod touch. If it is on the Appstore for Apple, IT WILL WORK ON AN IPOD TOUCH.

Do iPad apps work on iPod Touches?

No, but iPod touch and iPhone apps work on the iPad.

Can iPod touch apps work on the iPad?

Yes, iPod and iPhone applications work with iPads.

Does fat both work on iPod touches?

It would work on the new iPod Touch with the camera.

How do I get photos from my iPod to my work computer?

This ipod photo transfer can do this

Do you have to charge the iPod?

yeah Sherlock you have to charge your iPod for it to work

Why doesn't jailbraking work on iPod?

It works on iPod Touch

Will iPod touch games work on the iPod Nano?

No. go to "ipod games under itunes

Does the iPod radio remote only work for an iPod touch?

no, it is also in a ipod nano 6gen!

Does the Kensington iPod car adapter work with the iPod Classic?

Yes it does it works with any ipod except for the ipod shuffle

Do WiFi antennas work for ipod touches?

Most Wi-Fi routers work with iPod Touches.

Does iPod Copy work?

The copy and paste feature on an iPod Touch does work, but you have to have the 3.0 software or later.