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An illness that has a psychological cause and does not involve brain damage is Psychosis.

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Q: What is an illness that has a psychological cause and does not involve brain damage?
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What is a psychological factor?

Something mental, in your brain, that is a possible cause of something. eg. a psychological factor of illness is stress.

What has the author Woody R Mizelle written?

Woody R. Mizelle has written: 'Loss of self-esteem due to acquired brain injury' -- subject(s): Brain, Brain damage, Complications, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Brain damage, Treatment, Wounds and injuries

What can damage to the brain involve?

The damage to the brain can have dire consequences that include permanent and severe brain damage or death. Other symptoms that can develop include behavioral changes, lack of energy or motivation, irritable behavior.

What are some causes for amnesia?

Amnesia is either organic, or functional. The organic ones could for instance involve brain damage, or drug use. While the functional causes, could be psychological ones, i.e. not something you are to blame for.

What are the psychological effects of inhalants?

¢Psychologycal: —Head rush —Kill brain cells (you can not ever get your brain cells back) —violent behaviors —irreversible brain damage

Can you recover from brain damage?

It depends on what kind of brain damage. Neurons do not grow back or repair themselves, so physical damage is permanent. Emotional/psychological damage, however, can be recovered from with therapy or medication. Some stem cell research is devoted to attempting to replace damaged brain cells.

Is mental illness a likely outcome of an illness?

It depends on the illness. Some diseases can cause brain damage, which can result in mental illness. Others can cause physical and/or emotional trauma for the person who is ill, and the experience can result in mental illness.

Can a bad head injury cause mental illness?

A bad head injury could cause long term mental illness, due to brain damage.

What types of brain damage are there?

Brain damage may occur due to a wide range of conditions, illnesses, injuries, and as a result of iatrogenesis. Possible causes of widespread (diffuse) brain damage include prolonged hypoxia (shortage of oxygen), poisoning by teratogens (including alcohol), infection, and neurological illness. Chemotherapy can cause brain damage to the neural stem cells and oligodendrocyte cells that produce myelin. Common causes of focal or localized brain damage are physical trauma (traumatic brain injury), stroke, aneurysm, surgery, neurological illness, and heavy metals poisoning including by Mercury and its compounds and lead.

Can damage to neurons from an illness cause emotional swings?

Yes, the signals can be disrupted causing misinterpretations within the brain.

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