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Some colleges are specifically sponsored by a particular religious denomination, such as a Catholic college, a Baptist college, etc. An interdenominational college may still be religious in nature or inspiration, but does not owe allegiance to a specific denomination.

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Q: What is an interdenominational college?
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How do you use interdenominational in a sentence?

The Johnson family were Christians, and attended an interdenominational church every Sunday. The word interdenominational is used as an adjective.

When was Interdenominational Theological Center created?

Interdenominational Theological Center was created in 1958.

How do interdenominational churches baptise?

Usually interdenominational churches baptise by immersion, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

What is the name of the test for the nucleic acid DNA in a solution?

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What is the difference between a non denominational church and an inter denominational church?

A nondenominational church does not identify with any specific religious denomination, while an interdenominational church is a church that has members from multiple religious denominations. Also, Nondenominational churches are churches that do not subscribe to any particular denomination or belief system, but rather focus on the membership, ministry, and mission of their church. Interdenominational churches, on the other hand, are churches that have no specific affiliation or affiliation with any denomination. Join the Restoration Church today one of the best nondenominational churches in south Wichita!

Does the interdenominational church have the same doctrines as the Catholic Church today?

No, the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ in the first half of the first century. The "Interdenominational Church" is a conglomeration of protestants trying to form a new Christian church twenty centuries later.

What has the author Jason C Dukes written?

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Can a Roman Catholic divorced bride and Protestant Groom get married in a church of her selection?

Yes, as long as she does not choose a Catholic Church. She will have to find a church that will perform an interdenominational wedding of divorced persons. The Catholic Church will not.

Whats the difference between nondenominational and interdenominational and do they have the same beliefs?

In general there is very little difference between the two. A church is considered "nondenominational" if it has no formal connection to a formal denomination; it may belong to a group or "fellowship" of like-minded congregations, but said fellowship is not recognized as a denomination, and rarely does such a fellowship have anything but a rudimentary overseeing government. A church may call itself "interdenominational" if it tries to appeal to people from a variety of different denominational backgrounds. These churches may be nondemoninational as well, or they may belong to a denomination that tries to minimize the differences between denominations, focusing on a base faith, for example, in Christ. Details of belief systems between different nondenominational churches, as well as interdenominational churches and organizations, will vary greatly, depending on the backgrounds and components of the individual congregations.

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