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This is a funeral where the casket is open for viewing of the deceased by the mourners. It is a common type of funeral, but some families prefer that the casket be closed instead.

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Q: What is an open casket funeral?
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When was More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral created?

More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral was created in 1987.

Why did Luther Vandross not have an open casket?

No. Luther Vandross did not have an open casket funeral.

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Yes, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes had an open casket.

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The casket was open in funeral home for private family viewing. In a traditional church funeral the casket is not usually open for the service. Also The funeral was televised and the family wanted privacy. As a result they did not want the casket open for the world to see Their beloved family member on view for all the world to see. So much for that thanks to the Enquirer. Poor Poor Taste in my opinion.

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The decision to open or close a casket for a jw funeral is left up to the family and/or funeral director recommendations based on condition of decease. Many religions prohibit an open casket in the temple/religious structure.

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