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A piranah is a type of fish

pi·ra·nha also pi·ra·ña

(p-räny, -rny, -rän, -rn)n.Any of several tropical American freshwater fishes of the genus Serrasalmus that are voraciously carnivorous and often attack and destroy living animals. Also called caribe.

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Are piranah endangered?


Does a piranah have colored eyes?

no a piranah has only one eye color I never really got near enough

What is the food chain for the anaconda snake?

anaconda eats vulture,vulture eats piranah,piranah eats jaguar,jaguar eats anaconda.

What is another name for a piranha?

Piranah 3d

How do you spell piranah?

The correct spelling is "piranha."

What is the name given to vegitarian piranah?


Is the piranah a carniwar?

Piranhas declare carniwar on you.

How does a piranah eat so fast?

Boss have a jimi

What country does piranah come from?

All piranhas originated from the Amazon.

What is a piranahs diet?

Type your answer here... Piranah like to eat live fish.

Can a piranah eat itself?

It can't eat itself but can eat others of its kind

Is there fresh water piranhas in the US?

Piranah fish only live in the amazon

Can a piranah kill a shark?

yes they can because they travel in packs and have razor sharp teeth.

Are piranah extinct?

No, they're still alive. You still see some in the Amazon, right?

What was the underwater detecting device they used in world war 2?

The Piranah Water 3000

What nicknames does Dean Roll go by?

Dean Roll goes by El Piranah, and Shark Boy.

What is the most dangerous fish the great white or the piranah?

The Great White Shark would be the more dangerous of the two.

How does the red belly piranah care for its young?

it doesn't they come out and fend for them selves dead or not the mother doesn't care

What are many people afraid of that starts with the letter p?

piranahpoisonous snakespolar bearpublic speaking

How do you get pety piranah and king boo in Mario kart double dash?

Play all the cups on all the different diffucalties

Can you unlock petey piranah on Super Smash Bros Melee?

Yes you can! LISTEN ---------- If you play on the adventures mushroom kingdom course as Mario, he will challange you!

What are dangerous Brazilian animals?

Brazilian Wandering Spider, Anaconda, cayman, piranah, Candiru, Jaracara and many, many other poisonous snakes.

Is piranah a horror movie?

The Pirahna series is a series of B-Horror Movies. In other words, cheesey story, cheesy acting, scary and suspenseful, and funny

What dangers does electric eels face?

Caimans and other large crocodillians,aligators,and some dangerous fish like piranah,bull sharks.Don't forget other eels.

Can a piranha eat a person?

In time yes. More piranah, less time. If hundreds of them attack at the same time, they can . Phiranas can eat deers, and other animals in this way.