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An analog computer refers to a computer that uses the continuously changeable aspects of physical phenomena such as electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic quantities to model the problem being solved. In contrast, digital computers represent varying quantities symbolically, as their numerical values change.
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What is an analog computer?

An analog computer is any computer that represents its data in theform of continuously variable signals instead of the discontinuous encoded symbols used by digital computers.

Diffrence between analog and digital computer?

I wont go into much detail but there is no such thing as an analogue computer per se; the only analog computer types are physical calculating devices not requiring electricity I.e an abacus. You could mean analog and digital connections the former using a fluid stream and the latter transfering in i ( Full Answer )

Demerits of analog computers?

There are many demerits of analogue computers. The main consinclude lack of versatility, and the fact that they are notabsolutely accurate among others.

What are some examples of analog computers?

abacus old-fashioned cash register (with gears and handle) gear-driven clocks/watches ---- Actually the above are examples of mechanical computers, not analog computers. Analog computers use continually variable quantities. An abacus uses discrete units of measurement and is digital, though not ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages and disadvantages of analog computer?

Advantages . continuous representation of all data within the range of the machine . fast and inexpensive when implemented with same technology as digital computer . Disadvantages . results of calculations may not be reproducible due to undetectable setup errors . sensitive to drift, comp ( Full Answer )

What is a cell analogy for a computer?

Maybe I'm late to answer you, but this might help someone who comes here nucleus - CPU Vacuoles - hard drive Cell Membrane - outer plastic casing lysosomes - recycle bin mitochondria- power supply (electric plug) ribosomes - pixels? Golgi body - USB ports endoplasmic reticulum - the ( Full Answer )

Memory capacity of analog computer?

Analog computers do not have memory like digital computers do, so this question has no answer as written. Analog computers have widely varying architectures, unlike modern digital computers which are all some variant of the stored program architecture first developed in the late 1940s. The most ( Full Answer )

How do analog and digital computers differ?

A digital computer processes discrete data, an analog computer processes continuous data. . Discrete data (integers, character codes, boolean values, encoded floating point numbers, etc.) represent information with sharp discontinuities between represented values. Any data value not exactly e ( Full Answer )

What is analog computer andwhat are its functions?

An analog computer does not use discrete steps, but smoothly models whatever is being calculated. Most are specialized devices, but the (good old) slide rule was a general purpose analog computer. It's one great advantage is speed, and high speed digital computers have mainly taken over.

What are the examples of analog computers?

Slide Rule . Differential Analyzer . Nordon Bombsight . Sperry Bombsight . WW2 Automatic Target Leading Gunsights . WW2 Submarine Torpedo Aiming and Fusing Computer . Airplane Autopilots (prior to about 1970) . Electronic Analog Computer . etc.

Types of analog computers?

Mechanical differential analyzers. . Electronic differential analyzers. . Linear equation solvers. . Harmonic analyzers. . Polynomial equation solvers. . Differential equation solvers. . True analogs (electrolytic tanks, membrane analogies, photo-elastic models) . Electrical mesh finite eleme ( Full Answer )

How an analog computer can converted into digital computer?

They cannot be converted between each other, though their data can be converted between each other. Analog computers have existed before digital ones, but they were limited to simple tasks. An automatic transmission control body is one example of an analog computer. So were early weapons control sys ( Full Answer )

Why computer is digital not analog?

A computer is considered digital because of the way that it stores information. The bit, which is a single "on" or "off" in a computer system, is a single digit. An example of a difference between digital and analogue is thus: If you have a voltage, from 0 to 5 volts, you could represent 2.5 volt ( Full Answer )

Is a computer analog or digital?

In principle, a computer could be either - analog computers have been made. But pretty much all computers in use today are digital.

What is the appropriate definition analoge computer?

A computer or computational device in which the problem variables are represented as continuous, varying physical quantities. An analog computer implements a model of the system being studied. The physical form of the analog may be functionally similar to that of the system, but more often the analo ( Full Answer )

What are an analogy for animal cell witha computer?

An analogy for an animal cell with a computer might include thecomparison of the cell and a laptop. The case of the laptop wouldbe the cell walls, the Golgi body might be the programminglanguage, and the CPU could be the nucleus.

Are computers analog machines?

Some are, but most have been made obsolete by modern inexpensive high speed digital computers. The few that remain now are in specialized applications where speed and smooth transitions are more important than very accurate results. Even in those places digital computers called DSPs (Digital Signa ( Full Answer )

Are most computers analog machines?

At this time, no, most computers are digital. However from the 1930s through the 1960s analog computers probably did outnumber digital computers as they were generally smaller and less expensive than digital computers.

What the differences between digital and analog computers?

Analog computers are also called continuous computers , as their representation of variables varies smoothly with no discontinuities during the computation. However they have less accuracy and a tendency to drift over time and with temperature. Digital computers represent their variables using co ( Full Answer )

Common practical examples of analog computer?

Slide Rule . Differential Analyzer . Norden Bombsight . Sperry Bombsight . WW2 Automatic Target Leading Gunsight . WW2 Submarine Aiming and Fusing Torpedo Fire Computer . Most Aircraft Autopilots built up to about 1970 . Vacuum operated Cruse Control on cars . Electronic Analog Computers

What is the fist analog computing device?

The Antikythera mechanism (pronounced /ˌæntɪkɪˈθɪərə/ AN-ti-ki-THEER-ə ), is conjectured to be an ancient mechanical computer [1] [2] designed to calculate astronomical positions. It was recovered in 1900-01 from the Antikythera wreck, [3] but its complexity and s ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between analog and digatal computers?

An analog computer would be a slide rule, a digital computer would be a modern calculator. An analog computer compares/multiplies/divides/adds/subtracts using analogs of the quantities involved. A digital computer creates digital words to represent the quantities involved, then manipulates them di ( Full Answer )

Are computers today digital or analog devices?

The majority of modern computing devices are digital. That means they work by using many on and off type electrical signals. Analog computers work by using vary ranges of constantly-changing signals in real-time without converting them to digital sequences first.

Who invented the first analog computers?

The first known analog computer is the antikythera mechanism. It was found underwater in 1900. It is believed to have been made prior to 100BC. Inventor unknown.

Is ECG mechine analog computer?

No. Just like an analog (wired, non-powered) phone, the ECG or Electrocardiograph simply amplifies the electrical impulses it receives from sensors (electrodes on the skin), which are polarized when the heart beats. It is analog because it never converts information into ones and zeroes. However, it ( Full Answer )

How is an abacus an analog computer?

It not analog , its digital. Analog devices are continuous , digital devices have discontinuous states . As the only valid states of an abacus have each bead either up or down (never in the middle) it has discontinuous states and is digital.

How big is an analog computer?

depends, it can be as small as a Nordon bombsight or as large as one wall of a room. some have been smaller or bigger than that range.

When was the analog computer made?

Mechanical ones were built as far back as 100BC. The Bush Differential Analyzer was a large programmable electromechanical analog computer built starting in 1929. The famous Norden Bombsight of WW2 was an electromechanical analog computer designed in the 1930s and built through much of the 1950s, w ( Full Answer )

Can early analog computer save data?

Mechanical and many electronic analog computers saved their output data as pen plots on paper. Some high speed electronic analog computers could read/write data as waveforms on multichannel wide magnetic tape (similar to the master recording tapes used in music studios). Such analog computers were ( Full Answer )

Who was the inventor of the Analog Computers computer?

The Antikythera mechanism is believed to be the earliest known mechanical analog "computer" by Derek J. de Solla Price. It was designed to calculate astronomical positions. It was discovered in 1901 in the Antikythera wreck off the Greek island of Antikythera, between Kythera and Crete, and has be ( Full Answer )

What is the different between digital and analog computer?

digital is digital, like an alarm clock or the one one your phone. analouge it the big round one that goes on you wall.. digital time: 13:45 analouge little had on 1, big hand on 9 on an analouge if its am it will be 1:45, if its pm it would be 13:45 because if its pm you take away 12.

Which is faster an analog computer or a digital computer?

built with the same level of technology, analog computers are always faster but less accurate than digital computers. however as little significant work on analog computers has been done since the 1980s, they currently significantly lag behind digital computers in speed.

What are the characteristics of digital analog and hybrid computers?

• digital computers work on discrete data representing quantities by encoding (e.g. integers, coded alphanumeric characters, coded floatingpoint numbers). • analog computers work on continuous data representing quantities by analogy (e.g. voltages, currents, shaft rotation rate, shaft pos ( Full Answer )

When did Vannevar Bush invent the analog computer?

He didn't. Charles Babbage designed and built the first analog computer in 1822, but the British government withdrew funding before the build was complete. Nevertheless, working models based upon Babbage's improved designs first appeared in 1855, a full 36 years before Vannevar Bush was born. A wo ( Full Answer )

How does analog computer work?

It works on a constant supply of varying signals (and not necessarily even electrical). For instance, an automatic transmission in a car is pretty much an analog computer. As the pressure of the pump and the signals on the governor and modulator valve vary, the fluid goes through different valves in ( Full Answer )

Why do computers have difficulty with analog information?

Computers are discrete, finite machines. Analog information is continuous and infinite. Thus, computers cannot represent analog information directly; the analog information must be converted into a digitalform.

Who has designed analog computer for the first time?

It is generally believed by scholars that Archimedes designed the first analogcomputer circa 100BC, an example of which was found over 100 yearsago. The device found, called the Antikythera Mechanism ,is a box of hand cut bronze gears that was used to performastronomical calculations.

What was the first analog computer created?

The first official analog computer was created in 1912 by Arthur Pollen. The computer was designed for use with fire-control systems and ran off electricity.

What kind of aspects do Analog Computers use?

Analog Computers use physical things such as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic aspects to model the real world. These include slide rules and nomographs.

Is laptop computer a type of analog computer?

No, a laptop is a kind of digital computer. Analogue computers used operational amplifiers in feedback loops tosimulate dynamic systems such as aircraft. They began to bereplaced by digital computers in the 1960s

How are analog computers different from digital computers?

Analog computers represent values as continuously variablesignals . This allows them to use any value within the rangepossible on the specific machine exactly, within the limits of themachine's component tolerances; however these signals are alsosusceptible to drift, temperature variation, componen ( Full Answer )

What is a early example of an analog computer?

The earliest example of an analogue computer - is the 'DifferenceEngine' - invented by English-man Charles Babbage. Check outWikipedia for either the equipment or the person for more detailedinformation.