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Anger is a strong emotional reaction to a wrong committed by another person accompanied by a desire to punish that person for the wrong committed.

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Q: What is anger?
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What is the root noun of the adjective angry?

It is Anger.

What is the definition for anger management?

anger management- how to control your anger. If you can't control your anger management, you might have anger problems.

What part of speech is anger?

Anger is a noun and a verb. Noun: Bob is full of anger. Verb: Insults anger Bob.

What feelings did Eminem experience?

Anger, Sadness, Anger, Sorrow, Anger, and Anger. If you watch 8 Mile you'd find out.

Why is Anger Fall called Anger Fall?

Someone named it Anger Fall.

How do u control anger?

You can control anger by attending an anger management sessions.

What is the noun of word anger?


What does it mean to anger someone?

To anger someone means to provoke them to anger or make them mad.

What is the adjective of anger?

The adjective form of the noun anger is angry (feeling or displaying anger). The verb "to anger" can have the participle adjectives angering and angered.

Make a sentence with word anger?

Exercise is a good outlet for stress and anger. Staying out past midnight will anger your dad. Expressing anger in a calm, functional manner is a difficult task. If the dog barks all night, it will anger the whole neighborhood. Jesus lashed out in anger at the merchants selling goods in the holy temple.

What does Olympian anger mean?

Godlike anger.

What is the latin word for anger?

ira= anger

What is anger in Latin?

Anger in Latin is ira.

How can you deal with anger?

Go to anger management

How do use anger in a sentence?

control your anger

What causes anger-?

Anger is a strong emotion. Currently, there are two major beliefs regarding the cause of anger. The first is that anger is an autonomic response to a situation. The second is that anger is the result of what a person tells himself about a situation.

Do people who have anger have autism?

Not all people with anger have autism but autistic people do tend to have anger issues

What is the Icelandic word for anger?

anger = reiði

Fear and anger in a child?

fear and anger in a child

What is a noun for angry?

anger. His violent anger scares me.

How do I control my anger?

Pls tell me pls

What is the tone in the poem the carpenter complaint?


What does anger management include?

Anger management is a process where one can learn to control the underlined emotion of anger. It does NOT take the anger away, but it teaches one to engage in more positive way to diffuse the anger. I took anger management classes in N. C. and it was very, very productive.

Make a sentence with word anger as a noun?

He can't control his anger.

What is the noun form for anger?

The word 'anger' is a noun, a word for an emotion, a word for a thing.A related noun is 'angriness'.The word 'anger' is also a verb: anger, angers, angering, angered.The noun form of the verb to anger is the gerund, angering.