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What is another form of plead?

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pleaded (past tense), pleading (present tense)

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An attorney can plead on behalf of another person.

The noun form for the verb to plea is a plea.

To plead means to beg. If you plead for someone, you could also be leading a legal case. Another term for that would be to argue a case. You could also say cajole instead of beg.

"You are not pleading pleasingly!" "You can plead better than THAT!" "Please plead your case."

Most dictionaries will give you a selection, such as plead, ask, importune, solicit,

"My lawyer advised me to plead not guilty." "Mary will plead with her father and hope that he gives her the money."

Plead has only one syllable.

Plead is an infinitive verb (and past participle verb). Thus it can be used in the following sentences:I tried to plead with her but she wouldn't listen.I'm going to plead my case to the supreme court.He is the first person to plead guilty to this offence.

Plead is the verb, plea is a noun.

He will plead with you until he gets his way.

He pleads for her to stay I plead with him to go

"No Contest" is just another way to plead guilty without actually saying it. It is a plea given in court that means that although you do not plead Guilty to the crime, you concede that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you.

To plead is to make a claim or statement. For example: "how do you plead?" "Not guilty."

ask for request plead solicit implore these are all synonyms of beg supplicate beseech entreat

You don't plead at that. Pleading only occurs when charges are addressed at a hearing.

Synonyms are words that are like the original, in this case plead. Some synonyms for the word plead include ask, beseech, implore, petition and appeal.

Plead: past tense of pleaPled: used as a past tense of plead in some contexts, used only rarelyPleaded: the common past tense of plead, used in everyday context

The lawyer plead for time before the case so he can get some information.

to say or plead in protest, objection, or disapproval to show to present reasons in complaint; plead in protest

Not exactly. Both imply oral communication, but "plead" conveys more urgency.

Plead the Fifth - album - was created on 2010-05-11.

Never. Your right to plead the 5th and remain silent is a constant right which no authority has the right to snuff out.

There are many famous gospel songs in the world. The one with these lyrics is a country gospel song called I Plead the Blood which is sung by The Lesters.

No, it might form from another planet but definitely not on another planet.

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