What is another name for bra?

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Another name for a bra is a titi holder. Sorta funny

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Q: What is another name for bra?
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What is a braisiere?

It is another name for a bra.

When will another chapter of no bra manga be released?

Never; No Bra has been complete since 2004.

What is a balconette bra?

A balconette bra is another term for a balcony bra, a half-cup bra with a low horizontal cut, designed to be worn under a low-cut top.

Did you know that another name for bra is breastpot copyright?

We did not know that, and we're pretty sure that's wrong. Another name is over the shoulder boulder holder. we stole that from Glee. sorry. but its true

What is the shortened name for Brazil?


What is Another meaning of bra?

Big rubbing area

What do you call a girl with no bra on?

You call a girl with no bra on by her name. She is no different than a girl with a bra on, she is a person who made her own clothing choices.

What is the difference between a normal bra and a wacoal bra?

A normal bra is any bra that you can buy in a regular department store. A wacoal bra is sort of like that as well. Wacoal is just a brand name like Abercrombie or Hollister.

How do you ask mom for another bra?

jus say mom i think my boobies are gettin bigger can u get me anotha bra size?

How do you get your mother to buy you a bra?

Be confident when you talk to her! Don't hesitate because every girl needs a bra at one time or another.

What the name of the girls first bra?

Generally, it is either a built0in bra in a camisole / tank top or a sports bra. For many, the first "actual" bra is called a training bra. That is the kind that is fabric, usually with no hooks or clasps, and with only minimal support.

What is the name of vagetas kids?

Trunks and Bulla or Bra

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