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Common nicknames include:

Old Glory

The Stars and Stripes

The Star Spangled Banner (name of the national anthem)

(less frequently) the National Ensign

(also from song) the Grand Old Flag
Old Glory

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I don't think there is a nickname, love. Google it maybe?

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It is usually called "Old Glory" or "The Stars and Stripes."

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Q: What is another name for the US flag?
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What is another name used to call the US flag?

Old Glory

Can another country's flag be flown in the US without the US Flag?


What US flag name?

american flag

What is another name for a mailbox flag?

Semaphore or signal flag.

Where can the us flag be flown at the same level as another flag?


Are there any exceptions to another flag to fly above the us flag?

Any flag could, but it would be disrespectful.

Is it legal to fly another country's flag in the US?


The name of the US flag?

It is the Stars and Stripes.

What is another name for Flag Day?

Pole Dancing

What is another name for the America flag?

Old Glory.

What is the name of US's flag?

The American Flag. Stars and Stripes. The Star-Spangled Banner.

When the US flag is flown with another nations flag what should be the size and height of the other nations flag?

It would depend on the height of the flagpole.