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What is another name for the name Minutemen?


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American militia. The minute men were American militia that would be ready to fight on a minutes notice during the American Revolution.

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Minutemen were important because they were able to be ready to protect their community within just a minute, hence the name minutemen.

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Militiamen IS a synonym for minutemen

Paul Revere's midnight ride alerted many minutemen. Two hundred years ago we had the minutemen. Today we haven't got a minute. What will it take for you to support the minutemen?

No the british did not have minutemen it was only the colonists.

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The minutemen were prepared to defend the town.

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UMass Minutemen football was created in 1879.

Minutemen were patriots who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice.

The Minutemen were ready at a minutes notice ready to go.

minutemen didn't lead to the revolution, salutary neglect of the colonies did, the minutemen won the revolutionary war for the USA among other factors.

The actual number is not apparent in history because the minutemen were often part of a militia,

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The minutemen were the colonial men who would fight the British.

The minutemen weren't formed until during the American Revolution.

The Minutemen were militia, and most did not wear regular uniforms.

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The minutemen were American colonists who were formed for the cause of fighting in the Revolutionary War. The Americans sided with them.

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