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Provisional government.

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Q: What is another term for the temporary government?
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What is another term for temporary postponement?

cold storage

When was Manchukuo Temporary Government created?

Manchukuo Temporary Government was created in 2004.

What form of government is Provisional government?

a temporary government

Is unitary government another term for autocracy or dictatorship?


Temporary as in government?


Temporary as in a government?


What does the military term TDY stand for?

Temporary DutY

Could a secret agent work for a government?

Yes that's another term for a government spy or operative.

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You use the term temporary when describing something that is short. The stay at the hotel was temporary. The car was rented; it was temporary.

What is a word for temporary government?


What is another term for government censorship?

When the government attempts to censor a publication before it's published, it is called prior restraint.