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awkward, bumbling, bungling, unskilled

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Q: What is another word for clumsy?
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What is another word for clumsy with just five letters?

klutz is another name for clumsy.

Another word for careless?


What are synonyms of clumsy graceless and bungling?

What is another word for clumsy, graceless, bungling

What is another word for uncoordinated?

Clumsy is one.

What is Another word for a clumsy person?

oaf, klutz, butterfingers

Another word for careless or clumsy?

Uncoordinated. Cumbersome. Bunglesome

What is another word for in a clumsy way?

Gracelessly, awkwardly, etc.

What is another word for sloppy?

messy, clumsy, unkempt etc.

Is clumsy a noun verb adverb or adjective?

The word 'clumsy' is an adjective a word that describes a noun; for example a clumsy dancer, a clumsy attempt, or a clumsy proposal.

What is the Tagalog word of clumsy?

Tagalog word of clumsy: pabaya

Is the word clumsy a verb?

Clumsy is an adjective.

Is a clumsy is noun?

No, the word 'clumsy' is an adjective, a word to describe a noun. Example:The clumsy waiter spilled my soup.

What is the opposite word for clumsy?

deft or adept

What part of speech is the word clumsy?

Clumsy is an adjective.

What is another SHORT word for clumsy?

crude, bulky, uneasy, splay, gawky, unhandy

How do you spell clumsy?

That is the correct spelling of the word "clumsy" (awkward, ungainly).

What is the abstract noun of clumsy?

The abstract noun form of the adjective 'clumsy' is clumsiness (a word for a quality or characteristic).

How do you say he is so clumsy in Japanese?

不器用な (this is the word for clumsy)

A nine letter word meaning moving in a clumsy manner?

What is a nine letter word to move in a clumsy manner? A word, which starts with the letter "L".

French word for clumsy?


Opposite word of graceful?


What is the oppisote word for graceful?


What is a five letter word that means fat and clumsy?

You could try the word "bulky" which can mean "awkwardly large; big and clumsy".

What is a nine letter word for moving in a clumsy manner?

Haphazard is a nine letter word for moving in a clumsy manner. The correct adjective for this word would be haphazardly.

A sentence with the word clumsy?

'Don't do that! You are too clumsy!' She was too clumsy for this fine work - she kept dropping the small equipment. 'Anyone applying for this job must not be clumsy - our fine glass is too precious'