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What is antigens?

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molecules visible on the surface of a pathogen, cancer cell, pollen grain, etc. that the immune system can recognize as non-self, provoking an immune attack.

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Does Type A blood have B antigens?

No, type A blood does not have B antigens. Type A blood has A antigens.

How do antigens determine blood type?

Antigens, by definition, cause the body to produce antibodies which act against them. You inherit certain antigens which are on your red blood cells. Sometimes these antigens are absent from your RBC. If you are type B, you have B antigens. Type A has A antigens, AB has AB antigens and type O has no antigens. If you are type AB, you can receive AB blood from some one else.

Which blood types have no antigens?

Type O- has no antigens.

What protects the body from free antigens?

B cells protect the body from free antigens when we are exposed to those antigens.

Does Type B blood have A antigens?

No, type B blood does not have A antigens. Type B blood has B antigens.

What blood type does a person with B antigens A antibodies and Rh antigens have?

B+ here is a guide for you: type A - A antigens B antibodies; type B - B antigens A antibodies; Type AB - A&B antigens and no antibodies; type O - no antigens and A&B antibodies. for the rh you just have to add if it is + or -.

What type of antigens are recognized by t cells?

foreign antigens

How do antibodies identify and inactivate antigens?

The antibodies binds to the antigens.

Does Type A blood have A antigens?

Yes, type A blood has A antigens.

What blood type has no antigens?

Previous answer: 0 blood type has no antigens.My improved answer: the Bombay phenotype has no antigens.O blood group has H antigens (but does not have A or B antigens), whereas in the Bombay phenotype blood group, even the H antigens are absent.Glenn LowNUS Life Sciences Studentsimmune system

What typoes of cells produce antigens?

All cells produce antigens, or cell surface markers. The only question is whether the antigens are self antigens which means they belong in the body or they're foreign antigens which means they are an invading bacteria or virus (or a cancerous cell).

Where are antigens located?

Antigens are displayed on the surface of a macrophage after the digestion of a bacterium.

What are some examples of antigens?

Blood group antigens- A,B,AB

A person who is B positive will have?

B antigens, antibodies to A, and Rh antigens

What is the medical term meaning blood antigens?

Blood antigens :D

Which antigens are present in your plasma if you have type O blood?

It does not have any antigens.

Where are the blood antigens A B Rh located?

The blood antigens A, B, and Rh are located on the membrane of the red blood cell. These antigens are hereditary.

Are antigens part of the immune system?

no. antigens are recognized and attacked by the immune system.

Does anybody know what are the 4 blood types ?

Te four basic blood types are O, A, B and AB. They are named for the types of antigens they carry. O has no antigens, A has A antigens, B has B antigens and AB carries both.

Antigens are typically present on what?

Antigens are typically present on any cell, bacterium, or virus.

Are antigens harmful?

When people think of antigens, they automatically believe it is harmful. Well not on antigens do harm. Some simply enter the body and exit causing no damge to the immune system what so ever. However, other antigens such as the flue or the common cold will harm you and make you sick. The term antigen originally came from "Antibody Generator", meaning that the immune system responds to an antigen by creating antibodies. Foreign antigens are potentially harmful to the body. However, other antigens are self-antigens which are produced by the body and have no harmful effects.

Do antibodies attack extracellular or intracellular antigens?

Antibodies can attack both extracellular and intracellular antigens.

Where are the antigens of the ABO blood group are located?

DNA strands of the blood plasma RH antigens

Does Type B blood have B antigens?

Yes, type B blood has B antigens.

What type of agglutinogens does type AB blood have?

Type AB blood has A antigens and B antigens.