What is apmex?

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APMEX is an acronym for the American Precious Metals Exchange located at APMEX is a leading online precious metals dealer. They sell both bullion and numismatic items. You can place secure orders online 24/7 or call toll free at 800-375-9006 during regular business hours to speak with a trader. Bullion items are valued for their metal content only. Common examples of silver bullion or gold bullion are: * Silver Bars, Silver Coins, Silver Rounds, Silver American Eagles, Silver Maple Leafs, Morgan Dollars

* Gold Bars, Gold Coins, US Gold Coins, Gold American Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Krugerrands, Mexican Gold Coins Numismatic items are rare or collectable coins or currency. These items are valued for their metal content as well as the rarity or quality of the minted coin. In the case of aother currency items (like paper bills, notes, etc) the value completely rests in the collectability of the piece. Numismatic coins can be ancient coins, foreign coins or US Coins. Many are certified by the PCGS or NGC. Examples of numismatic coins are: * Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, Stage Coach Dollars

* Ancient Coins, Roman Coins, Greek Coins

* Barber Dimes, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes

* Commemorative Coins, Tokens or Medals

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Q: What is apmex?
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How can you check the price for aluminum cans?

sites like apmex or kitco or just google it

What reasons would lead one to buy precious metals from Apmex?

The most prevalent reasons for choosing to buy precious metals from Apmex are the fact that they've been in operations since 1999, they boast a 7000+ product line, and their website is usable for ordering even if the market is closed.

Sales tax on buying gold in Oklahoma?

If you 1 oz gold from Apmex, in ok., you pay approx $187.00 tax KB.

How can I buy gold if there any way?

One of the more reputable companies in the business of selling gold bullion is APMEX, found at

What is the current price of scrap metals in Delaware?

the prices are linear for every part of america so go on a sit such aas apmex or kitco and you should have an answer

I inherited 5 100oz bars of silver. Where would I go to sell them?

I would sell the silver bars to an online dealer like APMEX or CMI.

Where can you buy Engelhard silver?

There are several places where someone can buy Engelhard silver. Some possible options are Apmex, Provident Metals, CMI Gold & Silver, eBay or Amazon.

Which large companies sell gold and silver bullion on the east coast?

A terrific online company to consider is APMEX. They're located in Oklahoma, but they deliever all across the US.

Where can one purchase silver bars?

There are many different sites available online where one can purchase silver bars. They can be purchased from sites such as APMEX, Provident Metals and NWT Mint Bullion.

What is the difference between these 2 silver bars engelhard silver bars or apmex?

Englehard silver bars are one of the most widely recognized bars available. Apmex silver bars, while very reputable, are not as widely recognized as Engelhard. Everyone in the bullion industry is familiar with Engelhard bars. Apmex bars are rarely seen. Being less common, they are not as easily recognizable and therefore their value is not as high, despite having the same silver content. Engelhard bars may be cast, extruded or die struck (stamped). Apmex bars are usually die struck. Die striking is a more accurate means of creating a bar with the precise weight. Bars that are cast usually have slightly more metal than the bar calls for. This is to insure that the buyer gets at least what he is paying for. Cast bars have a lumpy shape, while extruded and struck bars have a machine quality to them. Bars that are struck often have a very shiny mirror-like surface.

Can I buy a silver bullion online?

You can buy silver bullion online at a site called JM Buillon. Other sites which offer silver bullion online are Independence Bullion, Apmex and Providenmetals.

How much money do you get for recycling aluminum cans in temple Texas?

the pricees for scrap are relatively the same every where sogo on apmex or kitco .com and they shouuld give you a good idea of what the cost is currenttly going at

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