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APOXI (Application Programming Object-oriented eXtendable Interface) is an object-oriented application framework for rapid development of Man Machine Interfaces (MMIs) and integration of various applications for mobile communication products. APOXI was designed to meet the special requirements of mobile, embedded devices and provides specific Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs). APOXI was developed by Comneon, a 100% subsidiary of Infineon Technologies. The APOXI Framework
Traditional MMI and Application Deployment for mobile communication devices is a complex process, requiring highly skilled and often scarce expert resources with knowledge of the underlying protocol software. APOXI offers easy to use and comprehensible APIs for MMI and application developers. This new paradigm also emphasises the attractiveness, usability and functionality of the customer's MMI and applications. Aside from being an abstraction to the protocol software, it provides APIs for SIM, NVRAM, Flash, Display, Audio, Video, Real Time Operating Systems and the TCP/UDP family.
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