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What is armed violance?

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violacne at school id bad nut who ever said it wasn't good it might be good sometimes not all the times but not all the time. im just saying....

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Armed violance what does that charge mean?

Armed violence is a serious charge. It means, generally speaking that a crime was committed using a weapon of some sort. Sometimes this charge is called assault with a deadly weapon.

What effect did the Amritsar Massacre have on Gandhi?

Gandhi felt so sorry. He prayed for the lost lives, Yet he was against armed upring. He sticked to his non-violance agenda.

How do you spell violance?


How do forces repel?

umm... with violance!

Why is Call of Duty a 18?

blood, violance.

Why is Transformers Revenge of the Fallen rated PG 13?

violance, language,

Does the number of household guns equate the degree of gun violance in that country?


What are the police duties?

criminals, crimes, speeding,disorderly conduct,violance

What rules and laws do Jainism follow?

Most important is non violance

Can you get a hazmat cdl in Colorado with domestic violance charge?

Not if it's a felony charge.

What was the principal purpose of the oslo accord of 1992?

To end violance between palestine and israel.

What was the principle purpose of the Oslo Accord of 1992?

NovaNet Answer: To end violance between Palestine and Isreal.

As what 2nd october is observed by UNO?


What audience do you think the NCIS target and why?

i think ncis targets teens and adults because there is violance in it

What does two bullet and a cross mean?

Violance and Order ....Two things which cannot be without the other

What was the role of the proprietors in the middle colonies?

by ship the middle colones had war but no violance in the late 1700s

What was some of the violance dr. martin luther king junior faced?

Ask your mom

When was the suffragettes most popular?

no they werent all they did was smash windows and all sorts, basically violance

What is a manga with no violence?

some love comics with out twists doesnt have any violance. (some might but mostly there is no violance.) and also some of the stories which the setting is at a normal school. Actually, if you want a manga with no violance in it, might i suggest a Shojo? There are two different types of Manga and Anime. Shonen and Shojo, Shonen is more what boys would like, stuff like Ninja, Samurai, Giant Robots, ect. Whereas Shojo is more girly

Which one war science or art?

art because there is not as much violance in art than in sciene and war

What rating is American dad?

TV14, most of the time for DLSV ( Dialogue, language, suggestive themes, and violance)

How the recent violance in kashmir a threat to India's unity?

congress politicians are the root cause and threat to India

Why is black ops 2 rated m?

it got blood and gore,violance, strong language, and sexual theme

Difference between criminal act and an act of delinquency?

the differnce between a criminal act and a delinquency act in school violance

Is it bad to throw the football a little side-armed?

depends on how accurately you throw side-armed compared to over-armed.