What is asymmetric synthesis?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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When a compound containing an asymmetric carbon atom is synthesised by ordinary laboratory methods from a symmetric compound ,the product is a racemic mixture.if ,however ,such a synthesis is carried under the asymmetric influence of a suitable optically active reagent ,only one of the optically active isomers ( or-)is formed.This process in which an asymmetric compound is synthesised from a symmetric compound to yield the ( ) isomer or (-)isomer directly is termed asymmetric synthesis.

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Q: What is asymmetric synthesis?
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What is an asymmetric synthesis?

An asymmetric synthesis is the synthesis of a specific enantiomer of a compound, a mixture containing more of one enantioner than another.

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What is a binaphthol?

A binaphthol is any of several phenols derived from binaphthalene, especially 1,1'-bi-2-naphthol used in asymmetric synthesis.

Asymmetric strecker synthesis for clopidogrel?

The asymmetric Strecker synthesis is a method used to prepare chiral α-amino nitriles from aldehydes and primary amines. In the case of clopidogrel, the synthesis involves the formation of the chiral α-amino nitrile, which is subsequently converted into the desired thienopyridine structure through further chemical reactions. The final steps in the synthesis involve the introduction of the clopidogrel-specific moieties to complete the synthesis of clopidogrel.

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What is hydrobenzoin used for?

It has been said that hydrobenzoin is the most useful chiral diol. It's chirality makes it extremely important for asymmetric synthesis where it has applications both stoichiometrically and catalytically. Check out 'Synthesis and application of chiral hydrobenzoin' by Kazuya Okano

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