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The automatic stay is a provision under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code prohibiting creditors from beginning or continuing proceedings for collecting owed amounts from a company or individual who files for bankruptcy. It is a court order and a creditor who violates the automatic stay could be held liable for fines, damages and attorney fees.

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Q: What is automatic stay?
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What is an automatic stay of bankruptcy under title 11?

Automatic stay prevents creditors from taking any action to collect on debts.

Releif from Automatic Stay?

If relief from automatic stay has been lifted against you, the creditor may now proceed to collect the debt.

Can creditor freeze your new checking account after a automatic stay from court?

can any creditor freeze my checking account after I get a automatic stay from the court.

How do you get an automatic stay issued by a us bankruptcy court to stop an illegal foreclosure?

When you file for bankruptcy, the stay is automatically issued. That's why it's called and automatic stay. You needn't do anything.

How do you remove an automatic stay after the bankruptcy has been dismissed?

The automatic stay is more a term of art. If a case has truly been dismissed and you can verify this online, then the automatic stay was also terminated at that time. Nothing needs to be filed or done on your part. Verify that it was dismissed though.

Can you file bankruptcy after creditors have started legal action?

Yes. The automatic stay prohibits further activity until the case is dismissed or completed or the creditor gets relief from the automatic stay.

Do you have to file a motion to automatic stay after discharge?

no, the stay is created when you file BK and ends when the BK is discharged.

Does filing bankruptcy stop a lawsuit?

Yes. Automatic Stay.

When does an automatic stay expire?

It expires when the bankruptcy case is closed.

Will being a father to a UK citizen entitle you to stay in UK?

No - that doesn't give you automatic right to stay in the UK !

Process to foreclose after an automatic stay is lifted?

If the automatic stay is lifted and no foreclosure has been filed, one just needs filed as normal. If the foreclosure was already filed and the automatic stay was lifted, the creditor simply informs the Court with the foreclosure that the stay was lifted and the case will resume. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

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When does an automatic stay take affect?

The moment the BK is accepted by the court.

What does automatic stay under title 11 mean concerning a repossessed car?

I'm assuming you are asking regarding a bankruptcy. An automatic stay is a utility of the court, that legally prevents contact with you from creditors after they have been notified of the bankruptcy proceedings. Once you file, the stay protects you and your proerty for as long as the stay exists. Once the BK is dismissed or discharged, the stay is lifted. While the stay is in effect, the vehicle cannot be involuntarily repossessed.

How long does automatic stay last after chapter 7?

Generally an automatic stay (temporary injunction) converts to a permanent injunction when the BK is granted and closed. If there is property involved such as a vehicle that has not been designated as exempted, the stay remains until..the case is closed or the case is dismissed or the discharge is granted or denied.

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What is a relief from automatic stay?

Relief allows the creditor to continue collection actions/foreclosure/repossession.

Is bankruptcy and a county court judgment the same thing?

when automatic stay is lifted what can occur to the debtor?

How long does a bankruptcy stay?

You may be referring to the duration of an action under the Bankruptcy Code. The duration of an action under the Code is from the commencement of the action (usually the filing by the debtor of the bankruptcy petition) through administration of the bankruptcy estate, discharges or reorganization of the bankrupt's debts, to dimissal of the case.You may also be referring to the automatic stay. The automatic stay (Title 11, United States Code, section 362) is a very important provision of the Bankruptcy Code. The automatic stay is essentially an equitable injunction issued by the Bankruptcy Court, an "automatic" consequence of the filing of the petition.11 U.S.C. §362(a) sets forth that"[e]xcept as provided in subsection (b) of this section, a petition filed under section 301, 302, or 303 of this title, or an application filed under section 5(a)(3) of the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970, operates as a stay, applicable to all entities...."and proceeds to define at length the applicability of the automatic stay.The automatic stay enjoins creditors of the bankrupt from the further pursuit of collection activity against the bankrupt and the bankruptcy estate. The stay remains in effect unless and until the creditor successfully motions a court to set aside the automatic stay as to the debt in which they have an interest, at which point the creditor may lawfully resume collection activity.Your attorney handles the effect of the automatic stay on yourself and your creditors.

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What is the next step after the automatic stay is lifted?

AnswerAn automatic stay stops creditors from proceeding against you, either garnishing wages or siezing property. I think after the automatic stay is lifted, the creditor requesting that the stay is lifted, can proceed against you for the item they want back.Once the stay is lifted [granted] by the Bankruptcy Court, the creditor is free to take whatever action is appropriate to recover and sell the property. If the debtor is granted a discharge in bankruptcy, the debtor will not be required to pay to the creditor any deficiency amount that results if the sale of the collateral does not generate enough money to pay the debt in full.Further it also depends on how you respond after lifting of stay, if you do not make any payment, creditor may continue with his course of action. It is always better filing proper reply to the motion to lift the automatic stay.An experienced Attorney would assist you in all these aspects.

Can you be sued if filing Chapter 7?

No. The automatic stay prevents new filings and stops existing cases pending the outcome of the bankruptcy (or lifting of Automatic stay) Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

What does motion for relief relief from stay fee amount 150.00 filed by creditor Iowa law?

When you filed your bankruptcy, the court issued an automatic stay which prevents any creditor from moving forward with collection efforts. For whatever reason, this particular creditor wants to proceed with collection and it must request the permission of the bankruptcy court by filing the motion for relief from automatic stay.

What is removed from stay from your mortgage?

In bankruptcy law, an automatic 'stay' is an order goes into effect when a person files for bankruptcy. It prohibits creditors from taking certain actions against you including foreclosure proceedings. The stay gives the court time to gather all the information it needs to make a fair distribution of bankruptcy assets. The automatic stay can be lifted from certain property by the court so that property can be sold. Lenders frequently request relief from the automatic stay so a foreclosure can proceed. That relief is often granted and property can be sold."Remove from stay" is a way to say that the bankruptcy court has allowed a motion to sell the property at a foreclosure sale.