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As 25 year old, my insurance quote for motorcycle insurance was $74/year for an Highway-grade Vespa, and for and around $348/year for Yamaha Road Star. I have a perfect driving record if that means anything. Anyway, hope that helps to give you some idea of what yours should cost.


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The average cost for motorcycle insurance varies based on age, driving record, location of residence, type of motorcycle, and type of coverage. The price can range from $200 to $1000 per year.

The average cost for motorcycle insurance is usually around 500 dollars a year. For a 16 year old girl, it will probably be more expensive, at least 75 dollars a month if they will even insure a motorcycle.

110.00 /year. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

Think of the largest number you've ever heard of and double that. Motorcycle insurance is expensive (and most insurance companies require that the premium be paid annually). Insurance for a 16 year old is expensive. Motorcycle insurance of a 16 year is extremely expensive.

Every insurance company is different and every individual case is different but typically, motorcycle insurance for a 19-year-old will be relatively expensive. However, if you compare quotes online, pass a motorcycle safety test, and get good grades then you are taking significant steps in lowering your risk which is something insurance companies generally reward with lower rates.

depends on the state you live in and believe it or not your credit score factors into this

Motorcycle insurance in Georgia will only cost around 500 dollars a year if you have a relatively good driving record. You can get discounts for being a good driver and other factors.

The average price for motorcycle insurance will be around 150 dollars a month. The exact price would depend on the driving record and how much insurance was purchased.

Most 16 year olds will not be able to get motorcycle insurance without being on their parent's policy. Motorcycle insurance is very expensive, just like auto insurance for someone this young. It would probably be hundreds of dollars a year but would depend on many factors such as type of bike, year, power, etc.

There is no average,you will need to contact an agent for a quote.

The average is one dollar a day, which is around $365 a year plus tax and fees. Companies may very, but this is around the average, there is some cheaper and more expensive.

A 17 year old male will pay a considerately higher amount for motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts than someone older. On average a 30 year old male for motorcycle insurance would pay $700 a year. A 17 year old would typically pay approximately $1,400 a year for insurance.

new rider for a sport bike, get ready to pay over 10k a year, and im not even joking go check it out

The cost of motorcycle insurance depends on the driving history of the person taking it out. New drivers can expect to pay $2,800 a year and experienced drivers can expect to pay $2,000 a year.

A motorcycle may cost more than a car to maintain. The average cost of the oil change is $50. Tires cost about $125 or less each. When considering motorcycle maintenance, there is storage fees ($50 a month) to consider if the motorcycle is to be kept in a snowy climate in winter. Each year the motorcycle should also have a tune up before taking it out on the road ($125).Total average maintenance per year $500 or more.

Contact an Insurance Agent for a rate quote. There is no such thing as an average cost of car insurance for a 17 year old or any other age male.

Because insurance costs vary state to state, you should call your agent. offers users quotes for term life insurance, including the average cost for a 25 year term in Oregon.

You can usually get a policy for around 500 dollars a year. Value of the bike, power of the cycle and many other factors will cause the rate to vary.

Motorcycle insurance varies from state to state and from company to company. The average price is $60.00 per month for a 35 year old male with no accidents or claims.

1 dollar a day 1 dollar a day I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

There are quite a few factors that will determine how much insurance costs, I would call a local agent for a quote. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

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