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65 degrees

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Q: What is average room temperature in a medical office in Indiana?
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What is the average wage for medical office assistant in BC?

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What is the average wage for medical assistant in BC?

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What should the temperature be in a medical office?

OSHA law states that the temperature should not be too much from one extreme to another. Medical office temperatures are maintained in the range of 68 to 76 degrees.

What is the average temperature and length of an office fire?

Really hot

What is the average temperature in England?

The average temperature in England in 2008 was 15.6 degrees CelsiusAs calculated by the Met Office, the average temperature in England is about 9.35 C (48.83 F) year round.20C in summer

What is the average cost of leasing a medical office in flint Mi area?

About 1500 per month

What is the average medical office temperature?

I've never heard of a study that addresses this question, and I'd hate to be the one trying to get the grant to make it happen. Typically, the physician or his office manager or staff attempts to choose a temperature that will make the patients comfortable. This of course depends on costs and availability of the electricity, methods and workability of the equipment, where they are, and what people subjectively consider to be a pleasant temp.

What is the difference between medical office assistant and medical office admistration?

Medical office administrator and medical office assistants are two different posts. One usually does administrative jobs and another one does clinical jobs.

Why is liability insurance important in the medical office?

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How are the two jobs different Medical assistant and Medical office assistant?

Answer: Medical assistant is trained in every job in the medical office from the front desk job to doing the clinical job in the back office. The medical office assistant is just trained to do the front desk job.

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