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It smells


takes up a lot of space


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the energy derived from stored energy in biomass is called biomass energy. (biomass is the bodies of living things)

Energy from biomass is released by combustion.

Yes, biomass is an energy resource. It is a renewable energy.

biomass can be bad bcuz it pollutes

Biomass energy produces 3% of the worlds energy

biomass energy is energy used to ejaculate on a womans breast :)

no one uses biomass energy

Biomass energy is widely used. One state that uses biomass is Oregon.

Yes garbage is indeed Biomass energy

Ultimately, biomass has gotten its energy from the sun.

biomass energy is located everywhere on this planet!

The energy in biomass is stored in the form of chemical energy from the Sun. This energy can be converted into heat or some other usable energy when the biomass material is burned.

It is a biomass becauseit is burned for energy.

chemical potential energy is brown and biomass energy is pink

Biomass energy can be used as electricity, fuel and many more

if u burn Biomass it will turn into energy

Two ways to relase biomass energy is to burn biomass energy that is the most common way. Another way is, biomass can also be changed into liquid fuel.

it releases CO2, methane and nitrous oxide when creating and using biomass. Also, it reaquires large amounts of water, land and trees

solar energy uses the sun and biomass uses waste to make energy

Biomass production is basically burning organic material to produce energy. Biomass energy is generally clean and is a renewable resource.

In a way it does. Biomass is vegetation and to grow it needs sunlight so the sun does give biomass energy, but biomass is just grasses or other vegetation until it is used as a source for energy production.

biomass energy was first discovered in the mid 1800's

biomass is a process of recycling wastes.

Biomass does not pollute the air.

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