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What is basic Christianity?

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We, who freely chose imperfection and sin when we chose to disobey God, are still loved by God, but because of our darkness would be destroyed by the very essence and nature of God, just as if you turn on a light in a dark room, the darkness has no choice in the matter, it doesn't matter what the light thinks of the darkness, it's destroyed. God, being a Righteous judge, cannot just let our wrongdoing go without some sort of payment for our crimes. just as if one of our own judges would not be right to let his daughter go free of a speeding ticket if she came into his court with it, merely because he loved her. he would not be righteous at all, quite the opposite in fact. But he still wants to be with us. So he found a loophole. what if he found a way that got rid of the darkness in our spirits? What if he found a way to make us clean again? Then we could be with him without his nature destroying us, and live life to the fullest! So he payed for our "speeding ticket". After he condemned us to our sentence he got down and took off his robes, and payed it off. We had no way to pay it, and it had to be paid, and so he sent Jesus to pay the price for us. It required the sacrifice of something pure and sinless, and only God is that, so he sent HIMSELF to pay it. It has become somewhat cliche, but the quickest answer is this: for God SO loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him will not die, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) this is not talking of mere physical death and life, but a spiritual one. Now, that gave us the ability to give our lives to him, to say Yes to Jesus as being the God of who we are, the personal, loving savior of our souls; but not only of that, of everything in us. As Rose said of Jack in Titanic: he saved me in every way a person CAN be saved... and that is exactly what Jesus wants. He wants to come in and shake up who we are, be the best thing that ever happened to us. All it requires is everything of you. it really truly requires you giving up who you are to him, but the good news is, you really aren't giving up anything at all, because everything you were truly meant to be, everything you really are is his idea in the first place, his design, his dream to fulfill in you. So all you have to give up is those things that cause more death in your life, more bondage, more pain. Now its not to say that Christianity is this end to all pain, because trust me, it comes. But it is the only thing that truly allows us to LIVE, instead of merely exist. to grow instead of remain the same. to see instead of grope around endlessly in the dark, wondering forever why all of these different things happen, why we are here, who we are, what we're doing here, where are we going? It is the WHY of life. it is the purpose. it is the meaning and the fulfillment of our hopes, our dreams, and of our very existence. Christianity is about pursuing a relationship with the God whose love is so much greater than our flaws, and creates a way for us to live again.

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What are Christianity basic tenets?


Basic belifs of Christianity?

The most basic belief in Protestant Christianity is that you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, for Forgiveness of your Sins, by Faith.

What is the explanation of basic beliefs for Christianity?

The basic beliefs of Christianity are all based on the Holy Bible. Some branches have changed things or added to the Bible, but orthodox Christianity holds the Bible as the only basis and the only truth in Christianity.

Is Sikhism monotheist or polytheistic?

That are the basic beliefs of Christianity

Explanation of the basic beliefs of christianity?

An impartial, clear explaination of Christianity in it's many forms can be found at

What does evangelized mean?

the basic meaning is to have been converted to Christianity

Basic rules of the orthodox Christianity?

God's Word, the Bible

Basic practices of Christianity?

This is not a question it is a phrase. Assuming you mean what are the basic practices of Christianity this is a short answer. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus. So practice number one is to nurture that relationship, and to do that requires prayer, fellowship with other christians and a willingness to serve others.

What are the basic belief of Christianity?

Believing that Jesus is the Messiah and that by believing in Jesus, we are saved.

What are the basic teachings in Christianity?

Look at the 10 commandments.....It'll answer your question and some.

What are the basic principles of Christianity as expressed by Jesus in his sermon on the mountain?

by using the bathroo,

What are basic laws of Christianity?

According to Matthew 5 verse 17 none of the old testament laws will be done away with till heaven and earth pass away . So all the Jewish laws are the basic laws of Christianity.

What the three basic emotional needs?

Faith, hope, and love. (According to the views of Christianity)

What are its basic beliefs of Christianity?

the basic beliefs of Christianity are we believe Jesus and god are the same people that you can pick up the bible and read it for yourself unlike some people and that you can talk to god any time you don't have to have a reason but if you do Jesus is always there for you.

What was the belief that contradicts basic Church teachings in ancient Rome and early Christianity?

Hersey is the belief that contradicts basic church teachings! Hope I helped

What is the belief that contradicts basic Church teachings in Ancient Rome and early Christianity times?


What are the basic facts about Christianity?

The basic facts about Christianity are that Man was separated from God, because of sin. God loved us enough to send himself as Jesus into the world in flesh and die on a cross as an offering for our sins. So that whoever believes in him will see eternity.

What are the social factors that affect Christianity?

Science and basic rationality because Christianity is based off of patently false notions and ideas and is entirely irrational when it is examined in it's entirety.

What are some Christianity beliefs?

Some of the basic Christianity beliefs are: Jesus Christ is the son of God, there is life after death - good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell.

Are there some Christians who still believe in ONE God having no son?

A person who believed that couldn't be a christian. As I understand Christianity one of the basic beliefs of Christianity is - Jesus is the son of God.

What are two basic teachings of Christianity?

The two golden rules. Jehovah God first an love your neighbour as yourself....

What are the basic christian tenets?

The one tenet of Christianity that is common to all parts of the Christian family is "Jesus is Lord"... namely that Jesus is the One sent by God as Saviour. To go further into the beliefs of Christianity, one needs to look into each individual branch of Christianity.

Which religion spead from the Roman Empire?


What is the difference between a non-denominational and the Anglican church?

A non-denominational Christian is someone who believes in the basic tenets of Christianity, but is not affiliated with a particular denomination. The Anglican Church is a Protestant denomination of Christianity.

What are Christianity basic princpals?

"God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him" (1 Jn 4:16).