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What is beautiful in French?


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If you're a guy, you say "beau" and if you're a girl you say "belle" ;)

note: "beau" becomes "bel" before a word beginning with a vowel sound, for example: un bel homme


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Beautiful is "beau" or "belle" in French.

Does what you mean is "How to say beautiful in French?"Beau is beautiful.Magnon is cute.I'm learning French. :D

"Belle femme" is "beautiful woman" in French.

Beautiful skin in French is "Belle Peau" :)

Belle famille is beautiful family in French.

A beautiful princess is 'une belle princesse' in French.

des belles pantoufles is French for beautiful slippers.

Beautiful life in french is la belle vie.

Belles personnes is "beautiful people" in French.

Beautiful photographs in french is de belles photos

'A beautiful river' is "une belle rivière" in French.

'She's beautiful' in French is elle est belle.

You say "my beautiful sister" in French as "ma belle soeur."

Belle means beautiful for a girl in French. So does Beau for a boy.

My beautiful woman (English) -> ma belle femme (French)

"You are so beautiful" is "vous êtes si belle" in French.

Beautiful France' is 'Belle France' in French.

"Have a beautiful weekend!" is "Passez un bon week-end !" in French.

Beautiful all over in French is belle partout.

'Beautiful view' translates to French as 'belle vue'.

beautiful dress -- belle robe

Beautiful Goddess in French is Belle Déesse and is pronounced (Bell dee-eh)

Belle is a French equivalent of 'beautiful'. Bellais an Italian equivalent. Prekrasnaya is a Russian equivalent that tends to be translated more as 'pretty' than as 'beautiful'.

Bella means beautiful in French.

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