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What is beef on the hoof?

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Instead of going to the grocery store and buying prebutchered meat you purchase a whole cow or half a cow and have it cut yourself. If you eat alot of beef it can save you money.

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What is the Signs and symptoms of foot rot in beef cattle?

LimpingSwelling near the hoofCracking or imperfections of the hoof

What happens if US government officials import beef that might be contaminated with hoof-and mouth disease and the U.S. reacts by restricting imported beef from Argentina?


What is a fore-hoof?

The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.

What is Hoof Rot?

Bacterial infection of the hoof, which primarily occurs in the frog of the hoof, not the actual hoof.

If cows have cloven hoofs how can Jews eat beef?

Because the law says if they have a cloven hoof AND chew the cud (ruminate) they are permitted to eat it. If they have only one of those traits then they aren't permitted to eat it. A pig has a cloven hoof but doesn't chew the cud!

What is the goat's hoof called?

A hoof.

Four letter word ending in f?

beef buff calf cuff golf goofl hoof leaf miff muff poof reef roof

What is a hoof pic?

a hoof pic is a tool used to clean out under the horses hoof.

Foot is to man as a horse?


What is a disease of the hoof of a horse?

hoof disease

Is a knuckle a part of a hoof?

No, there are no knuckles in a hoof.

What does hoof oil do?

It helps to keep the hoof supple and prevent very dry, cracking hoof.

Is the word hoof is plural or singular?

The noun hoof is singular; one hoof, two hooves.

How do you clean a horses hoof?

#1: get a hoof pick #2: when scraping the dirt from a horses hoof try to avoid the frog in the bottom center of the hoof

A hoof pick is used to?

A hoof pick is used to remove dirt and debris from a horse's hoof. But you must not touch the frog in the middle of the horse's hoof!

What is the U shaped part of a hoof?

This is the hoof wall. This is the hardest part of the hoof and it supports the horses weight.

Plural of the word hoof?

The plural of hoof is hooves.

How do you say 'hoof' in Bulgarian?


Which animal having hoof?

The cow is an animal with a hoof.

Does a cow have a cloven hoof?

Yes, cows have two toes on each leg and each toe has a hoof. This is referred to as a cloven hoof, in the old belief that the hoof had been split or cleaved from the single hoof of a horse or similar animal.

What are 4 letter word beginning with j ending in f?

beef, reef hoof, poof, roof calf, half coif, leaf, kerf boff, doff, toff

Are cows beefs?

No. Cows are mature female bovines. Beef is meat or muscle cut from a bovine for food. However, in western movies, cattle on the hoof are sometimes called "beefs."

How do you clean horses shoes?

you use the hoof pick to pick the debris out of the hoof and you can rinse the horses hoof out with the hose.

Is the hoof of a goat parted into two or is it only one full hoof?

The goat hoof is separated into two "toes".

Which is more distal to the elbow the wrist or hoof?

The hoof is more distal to the elbow. The wrist is between the elbow and hoof.