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Companies that want to build new nuclear inevitably meet opposition groups, so it is always a struggle to get new nuclear built. However the realisation that fossil fuels are going to get scarcer and hence more expensive, and that producing more CO2 may be bad for the planet, is I think gradually changing attitudes.

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How impossible to use nuclear energy?

Using nuclear energy is possible, and in fact being done. It has been done since the 1940s. The first nuclear electric plant came on line some time after that, but I worked at one in the 1980s.

How is energy produced during nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion release an enormous amount of energy; but this energy must be transferred to a fluid and so far beyond what can not be done for the time being.

Is nuclear energy kinetic or pontential?

It is potential energy, since it is work done against a force - the nuclear force mainly.It is potential energy, since it is work done against a force - the nuclear force mainly.It is potential energy, since it is work done against a force - the nuclear force mainly.It is potential energy, since it is work done against a force - the nuclear force mainly.

What has nuclear energy done for the environment?

Nuclear energy has destroyed our environment. Its causing pollution.

Should there be a study of nuclear energy?

There are hundreds of studies already done on nuclear energy. Whatever your opinion is, there is probably a study somewhere that supports it.

How do you know work is being done?

work is being done when you use energy

How is energy stored in nuclear power?

Energy produced by nuclear power cannot be stored, it has to be used as soon as it is produced. This is done by producing steam from the thermal energy released and using this in a conventional power plant

What is the purpose of nuclear explosion?

getting lots of energy is done for peaceful reasons and kill lots of people if done in war

How can a uranium atom be made to release nuclear energy?

Every atom contains nuclear energy inside it. That nuclear energy can be released by splitting the atom. The uranium atom is one of the ones that is easier to split. Usually to release the nuclear energy atoms are collided with each other which breaks them releasing the nuclear energy. This is done in a machine called a particle accelerator in which atoms are fired at near the speed of light and when they collide and split they release nuclear energy. I Hope that answers your question.

What is being done to conserve energy?


Can solar energy be changed into thermal energy without any work being done?

YesIt is true that solar energy can be changed into thermal energy without any work being done. The solar energy is thermal energy from the sun.

How long will nuclear energy be on earth?

nuclear power is going to be around for much longer, more fission reactors will be built to compensate in the increase in energy usage and more research is being done to make fusion energy which will replace fission reactors(this is quite a while yet before fusion reactors can be used to produce use usable energy for long periods of time).

5 kinds of energy?

The seven types of energy are nuclear, sound, thermal, mechanical, chemical, light, and electrical.Done!That was easy!

How do you convert nuclear energy into chemical energy?

I don't know of any way to do this. Nuclear energy simply provides heat, so could conceivably be used to drive chemical reactions, but I don't think this has ever been done.

Has nuclear energy been used successfully before?

Nuclear energy is what powers a large amount of the world and has done so for decades, so I would say yes, it has been successfully used before.

What is being done to reverse nuclear power?

You can't reassemble the U235 nucleus after it has fissioned, so you can't put nuclear power into reverse.

What does nuclear power and nuclear weapons have in common?

They both utilise nuclear fission, in which nuclei of U-235 or Pu-239 are split apart which releases enormous energy. In nuclear power this is done at a comparatively slow controllable rate, in a weapon you want a very rapid reaction to create a huge blast of energy.

How is kinetic energy related to the work being done by an object?

The change in the kinetic energy of an object is equal to the net work done on theobject.

What is potential energy and some examples?

Potential energy is the "energy of position" - work done against a so-called "conservative force". Examples include a compressed spring, gravitational potential energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy.

How do you create energy?

The Law of Conservation of Energy states: Energy cannot be created or destroyed. (Physics) However, if you are referring to creating solar, nuclear or wind-powered energy sources, that can be done fairly easily.

Can energy be changed in form without work being done?

yes it can

When negative work is being done what happens to potential energy?

Negative work increases potential energy.

What process do stars use to create energy?

Stars use a process called nuclear fusion to produce energy. This is done by joining hydrogen molecules at extreme pressure, forming helium and energy.

What are 3 forms of potential energy?

Potential energy is energy due to position - work done against a conservative force.Gravitational potential energy is when an object is at a higher position than it might be. In other words, energy related to the gravitational force.Chemical energy is a form of potential energy, based on the attraction between atoms.Nuclear energy is a form of potential energy, based on the nuclear forces.

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