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Eating a lot of healthy fats and proteins daily can help someone who has morning sickness problem.

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Q: What is best to eat when having morning sickness?
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What does it mean when you eat at eleven then feel sick the next morning?

probably morning sickness, or of you are a woman, pregnancy

If your pregnant can you get dizzy other than morning sickness?

absolutely, when you get too tired or not eat properly

How you can fix the pregnancy morning sickness?

eat plain yoghurt and lots of fruit and Marie biscuits

Is throwing up everything you eat a pergnancy symptom?

Morning sickness can be a sign of pregnancy, yes.

Can morning sickness be prevented?

The best cure for preventing bouts of nausea is to eat frequently. Many women find that eating six small meals or snacks a day

What does morning sickness feel like?

It feels like you are going to puke and you want to eat but you know that you are'nt hungry and that if you eat that you will puke.

Best cure for sickness?

The best way to cure sickness is to drink plenty of fluids and eat some crackers. If you see any results, discuss the question!

Can a pregnant woman drink ginger ale and eat gingerbread cookies?

Yes, both can help with morning sickness too.

Which is the best food to eat after ruunig at morning?


Is it normal for a pregnant woman to wake up early in the morning and start vomiting without eating anything?

Yes. Ironically morning sickness comes at any given time of day whether your sleeping or not... You don't have to eat for morning sickness to make you vomit... I had it morning noon and night with my last pregnancy... Saltine crackers will help some with it..

Does morning sickness happen right after you eat something when you're pregnant?

Just like every woman's body is different, the pregnancy symptoms they experience and the morning sickness they experience is also different for each woman. Some women find that morning sickness goes away after eating something, some find that it gets worse. Some women find that certain foods make them feel worse, and others find that certain foods make them feel better. So yes, morning sickness can occur right after you eat something, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will occur then.

What is the best thing to eat in the morning?

Some eggs and bacon

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