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What is best way to add a septic tank?

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I Know You May Not Believe It. The Best Thing To Add Is Starch Not From A Box. After You Peel Potatoes+++Take The Peelings Grind These Up, Give Them A Flush Into The Septic It Keeps The Bacteria Working Much Better Than These So Called Store Bought Products. Be Sure To Gring Or Cut Your Peelings And Potatoes Into Very Small Pieces To Be Able To Flush Them. Do This Every Month.

2006-07-26 18:51:51
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How do I know when I need to drain my septic tank?

The best way to tell when your septic tank needs to be drained is when it overflows and leaks into the surrounding area. Once it overflows too much then the surrounding area will be leaking and overflow.

What is the best way to check septic tank maintenance in a new house?

Call a plumber in your new town and see if they offer septic services. Hopefully, they won't have to dig it up, because that is costly and expensive.

Is yeast good for septic tanks?

Yeast works on sugars. There are seldom much in the way of sugars in a septic tank. It wouldn't hurt, but it isn't going to do much either.

How do you unclog a vent pipe on a septic and well?

There is no single vent pipe on a septic and well. ( -Or if there is, someone has made a colossal and dangerous error. ) - If the vent on your septic is clogged, then your tank is way past it's time to be pumped out, and that MUST happen before you clean the vent.

Where on the septic tank do you install a septic tank vent?

The "septic system vent" you are referring to is not actually attached to the "tank" (that would be the buried, holding chamber in your yard) at all. It is attached to the plumbing in the residence before the septic system. If you look at the HowStuffWorks page, you will find a diagram showing where/how the vent works. Due to the way the septic tank produces gases, caused by the breaking up of the bacteria in the tank. Filters and drain traps are put into the houses plumbing system that is designed to hold water in the lower loop and block the gases from flowing back into the house. Most houses on a septic system will have the vent pipe(s) on the roof of the house and this is where these gases are released, rather than going back into the house. Now obviously, if you have gases coming into your house, you got a problem and should definitely consult a plumber

Where does the sewage in the septic tank go?

See related link. A septic tank is underground and helps waste water from homes decompose. The water will exit the septic tank in the drain field, where there is further decomposition. In fact the waste water merely transits the septic tank on its way to the drain field where it undergoes an aerobic process in the earth, being cleaned and turned back into water. The septic tank holds our solid waste, while it undergoes an anaerobic (airless) process, where it is turned into methane, carbon dioxide and various other gases. The solids start off as 70% water, after process they are very much reduced and are more or less compost, that is collected when the tank is full (in fact less than half full) and spread on fields as compost, or taken to a sewage plant for further process before being spread in fields as compost.

How do you keep frogs from getting in toilet from septic tank?

Frogs do not come in through the septic or sewer. They climb up to roof and find their way down the vent pipe to the toilet. Put some wire mesh on the vent up on the roof.

Septic Tank Cleaning Is A Part of Home Maintenance?

Septic tank cleaning is normal for older homes. Some homes run on a public sewer system, and others have a septic tank that must be maintained every few years. Allowing your septic tank to back up can cause all kind of sanitation problems. The backup can end up in your kitchen sink, bath tub, or other water systems. You must get your septic tank cleaning done on a regular basis to avoid this hassle. When looking for a septic tank cleaning company, you should look for a reputable one. This job is pretty extensive, and it can have a major effect on your family's health and sanitation. The internet is one way to find a septic tank cleaning service. Asking family and friends is usually the best option. They can give you first hand accounts of how the company performed for them. Cost is another consideration, so you should do some comparison shopping. The prices for the service will depend on the size of your septic tank and how full it is. Most companies will come out and do a consultation. If they charge for this service, they will take it out of the final fee. Look for a company that has a proven track record for professional service. This company is dealing with toxic and hazardous wastes that can have devastating consequences on your family's health and safety. There are rules that govern this industry, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these rules. A major cleaning can run you anywhere from $200-$600. Prices will vary by geography and region. Most companies will be able to handle all capacity of septic systems. After the cleaning is completed, they will suggest a regular maintenance plan to keep the wastes flowing appropriately. You can add certain solutions to your septic tank each month to help the system function effectively. As a homeowner this is one of the major responsibilities you have in maintaining your home. If you have a renter, this duty is still your responsibility, and the renter can report you to the sanitation department. Thus, this is something that you want to stay on top of every few years.

What is a crib septic system?

A crib septic system is the survival man version of a septic tank, it is a mini log cabin buried underground to which you household plumbing terminates. A crib septic system is an older version of the current septic tank. Basically Logs are usually around 10" thick and walls are built up much the same way a log cabin would be built. Logs are used to form the roof as well to prevent dirt from entering the box. The natural gaps between the logs allow for the wastewater to enter the ground and dissipate. For more information visit at:

When water runs from your drain i have a water tank but no sewerage where does it go?

If you don't have sewer service to your house, it probably goes into a septic tank, but we have no way of knowing what whichever yahoo built your house did. It might run right back into the water tank for all we know.

What do you do when your septic tank is full?

Septic tanks are always full with sewage. Depending on the region you live, there may be more than one and/or more than one type of tank serving your home. If the reason for your question is that you see water pooling in your yard around the tank or drainfield (the place where your sewage water goes when working properly) you need to contact a septic tank repair/pumping company to diagnose your problem. If you are experiencing sewage backup or very slow drains in the lowest bathroom or plumbing fixture in your home, you will need to contact a plumbing contrator to determine if there is a sewer blockage between the house and septic tank inlet baffle first; if it is not blocked, follow the above paragraph. Either way, consult a professional knowledgeable of the systems of your area.

What would cause a pesticide smell in the household drains?

if there is a leak or hole in the septic pipe and chemicals are introduced from the yard, the possability of oder back up is possible. if the house was drilled fro termites and the septic pipe is under concrete and was hit is an other way to introduce pesticides into the system. also though the septic tank itself

What can you do about thousand of centipedes over your septic tank and on your new slab for your car port?

Place old food out on a large stone in your yard and leave a food trail to it. They will follow this trail so put poison mixed in with the old food. This way they die out side your car port and septic tank. Make sure if you have pets they are kept inside.

You hear a gurgling in your bathroom tub when the washing machine drains or other toilet flushes?

I had this happen to me then eventually my toilet started overflowing the contents of my septic tank. SUCH FUN TO CLEAN! If you on a septic tank and this is happening you may need to have it pumped or have your drain line checked. what happened to me was my drain line was pinched and couldn't disperse my gray water, so my septic filled way too fast and eventually burped. I now use RidX once a month and it keeps the gurgles at bay. If you are not on a septic system, CALL A PLUMBER ASAP, it could be a back up but having the sewer come back in on you would likely be way worse!

What is the best way to keep plants alive in a fish tank?

You may need to add CO2, and of course lighting - check with your local fish store for more information

Best way to remove fuel pump from tank on a 1999 blazer?

The best way to remove the fuel pump from inside the gas tank on a 1999 Blazer is to drain the tank and remove it from the vehicle. Then the top of the gas tank can be accessed to retrieve the fuel pump.

How is a Septic tank pump dosed?

A septic needs bacteria to operate as a digestive system. It will have 2 baffles with 3 sections. The idea is to allow nature to turn waste into liguid and then allow it to seep or be pumped to the septic field where evaporation and ground infiltration occur. The system can be "dosed" in an inexpensive way by flushing a crumbled pound of cake yeast down the toilet. Remember, the tank must have bacteria, and does not begin to fully operate in concert with the field until it is full.

What is the best way to remove gas from a vehicles gas tank?

with a match put match inside tank. burn it out.

Should you add a female to a male tank or other way around?

thats the right way to do it. other way around your gonna have a fight in your hands

Is an open septic tank unhealthy?

Yes, this certainly a health hazard. it is the same as not flushing your toilet and just keeping it that way, just imagine what smells will be caused and what flies will be attracted, you may get sick.

Sink drains fine and the toilet flushes but the bathtub fills?

I had this happen to me then eventually my toilet started overflowing the contents of my septic tank. SUCH FUN TO CLEAN! If you on a septic tank and this is happening you may need to have it pumped or have your drain line checked. what happened to me was my drain line was pinched and couldn't disperse my gray water, so my septic filled way too fast and eventually burped. I now use RidX once a month and it keeps the gurgles at bay.If you are not on a septic system, CALL A PLUMBER ASAP, it could be a back up but having the sewer come back in on you would likely be way worse!the main reason the tub/toilet are effected together is they are the last things on the drain line.

What is best way to neutralize an acid?

Add it to a base!

What is the height of the 50 liter tank with a diameter of 24 inches?

There is no way to tell the height of a 50 liter tank if you only know the diameter. The best way to find out the height of the tank is to take measurements.

How do you build a driveway over a septic tank?

A septic tank is not strong enough to carry a load. Providing you support the drive and carry the load some other way, than by using the septic, then all will be OK. Do make sure that there is easy access for emptying, inspection, and maintenance to the drain field, and sewage pipe connections. Do keep in mind that the microbes that do the work, prefer a temperature of 95f, laying a road above the tank will prevent the sun from warming the tank and will lead to slower process and more frequent emptying. (and cost) Of course you can deal with this by fitting 6 inches of polystyrene over all surfaces, to keep the warmth in. (remember heat moves down and sideways, as well as up)

What is the best way to get your sand boa to eat a mouse?

Leave the mouse in his or her tank