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It depends on the woman and her technique. I love both but for the most part fellatio feels the best

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Q: What is better fellatio or mammary intercourse?
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What are sexual taboos that do not involve sexual intercourse?


How do you perform fellatio?

To perform fellatio A (Blow Job), you put the erect penis in your mouth and replicate sexual intercourse until ejaculation.

How do you have mammary intercourse?

Stick a tac in ur vag...

Does Islam allowed mammary intercourse?

Intercourse with mammary animals is strictly forbidden in Islam. Also, anal sex (inserting the penis in wife's anus) is not allowed in Islam.

What is mammary intercourse?

When the penis is between the breasts and the breasts is used as a vagina.

Where to put your penis in a woman?

For vaginal intercourse - The vagina. For anal intercourse - The anus. For oral intercourse - The mouth and hands. For manual stimulation - The hands. For intercrural intercourse - Between the thighs. For mammary intercourse - Between the breasts. For axillary intercourse - In the armpit.

Do girls like mammary intercourse?

not really the boobs hurt but it may make our partner feel good

What do you have to do to make sperm come out of a penis?

Cause sexual arousal to the point of climax, usually via sexual intercourse, fellatio, or masturbation.

How do you give fellatio?

You use your mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate a man's penis, as would normally occur during intercourse. This can be done all the way to achieving his orgasm, or it can be done before or during intercourse.

How do you preform mammary intercourse?

U put ur penis in between the girls boobs and move up and down.

What is the difference between sexual activity and sexual intercourse?

Intercourse refers directly to the act of copulation itself, whereas 'sexual activity' includes related activities, such as foreplay, cunnilingus, fellatio, caressing, masturbation, or digital penetration.

What do you say when a penis enters into the walls of breast?

It's technical name is mammary intercourse. More commonly known by slang terms.

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