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Q: What is better for gcse french or history?
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What possible careers should I aim for I have been predicted an A at GCSE in English Maths Biology Chemistry Physics History French a B at GCSE in Business a C at GCSE in Drama?

vet nurse doctor fire fighter police

Should I pick German or french for gcse. I have better grades in German but have been doing French for much longer. I do not know which one to pick?

You say that your grades are better in German. That would indicate that you would indicate that your experience with gcse would be much better. You may have been speaking French for longer but that does not necessarily mean you will do well for gsce.Take German!

What gcse's do you need to be a history teacher?


Do french students take GCSE's?

French students have the equivalent of the GCSEs.

What jobs are available for gcse history?


What gcse's do i need to become a biochemist?

you need at least two GCSE's in science (A-B) maths and English and possibly geography or physiology if you have a GCSE in languages that is even better

What actors and actresses appeared in GCSE Bitesize History - 2011?

The cast of GCSE Bitesize History - 2011 includes: Rich Fulcher as himself Sharon Horgan as herself Simon Munnery as himself

Can you do geography and history together for gcse?

Yes, as they are two different subjects.

What is the edexcel GCSE history exam about?

The syllabus you studied during the term.

How many marks do you need to pass gcse french listening?


What year do high school children take GCSE french?

Most children take french GCSE in year 10 but in specialised language collages such as one in Stockport they take it in year 9 because they're clever.

What it is important about history?

Because when you are older in your GCSE you might need to know what your doing