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Q: What jobs are available for gcse history?
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What jobs can i get with an r.e and history GCSE?

Write history novels / textbooks Write Re novels / textbooks Become a historian Research ... Work at Tescos

What is done in GCSE Fashion?

what GCSE's are available in Fashion?

What gcse's do you need to be a history teacher?


How does a GCSE benefit you?

GCSE's can be a path way to doing a-levels, apprenticeship or a diploma, also many jobs will ask for at least 5 a-c gcse's as will colleges and university.

How can I get a list of available dental assistant jobs in my area?

You can get a list of available dental assisstant jobs in your area by going to and entering you information, such as your location and education history.

What actors and actresses appeared in GCSE Bitesize History - 2011?

The cast of GCSE Bitesize History - 2011 includes: Rich Fulcher as himself Sharon Horgan as herself Simon Munnery as himself

Can you do geography and history together for gcse?

Yes, as they are two different subjects.

What is the edexcel GCSE history exam about?

The syllabus you studied during the term.

What study aids are available for those studying GCSE Maths?

There are a number of study aids available for those studying GCSE Maths. They can be purchased at bookstores, as well as online at such websites as Amazon or used on websites like Ebay.

What it is important about history?

Because when you are older in your GCSE you might need to know what your doing

What gcse's do you need to become a FBI agent?

history running and somthing else

What jobs are available at Kohl's?

There are numerous jobs available at Kohl's. Such as jobs in the Paint department, Cashier, or Management jobs. These jobs are available to those with/without prior experience or a form of degree.