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This question can not really be answered at this time as there is not enough information about each of the two new races yet. Cataclysm is not out yet.

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2010-04-27 07:49:35
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Q: What is better in World of Warcraft worgens or goblins?
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People keep on saying that on World of Warcraft cataclysm there will be 2 more races What are they?

The two new races in Cataclysm are Goblins and Worgens. Goblins will be for the Horde while Worgen will be for the Alliance.

Do worgens get a flying mount in World of Warcraft?

Worgens have access to the same flying mounts that all Alliance players get access to. They have no racial flying mounts.

Whats better RuneScape or World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft.

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What is better World of Warcraft guild wars or runescape?

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What is the Horde in World of Warcraft?

The Horde is one of the two sides in world of warcraft. The Horde consists of Orcs, Blood Elves, Tauren, Trolls and Undead. It will also soon include Goblins with the upcoming expansion.

Who plays World of Warcraft?

A better question is "who doesn't play world of warcraft?" between 9,000,000 and 10,000,000 people play world of warcraft

Who is better Star Trek online or World of Warcraft?

OHHH,Definatly World of Warcraft!:p

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No, World of Warcraft is infinitely times better than lol, SRO.

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The obvious answer is World Of Warcraft as it is more popular and better then warhammer. it has over 12 million players

What is better RS or Club Penguin?

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