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i have a madd gear pro and my friend has a madd gear pro signature, they both weigh the same and can hold the same weigt, the only difference in the deck is the colour.

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2010-11-19 03:45:24
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Q: What is better madd gear pro or madd gear pro team edition?
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What is better madd gear pro team editiond or razor ultra pro?

madd gear pro team edition is good is you been scootering for 5month but razor ultra pro is lighter but you might wont to get get new bars. and wheels. i got madd gear team edition. with new bars.

How heavey is madd gear pro team edition?

hi i have a madd gear team edition and it dont matter if its heavy it just a case of getting used to it.

How heavy is a madd gear pro team edition?


What is better madd gear pro or madd gear pro team?

there isn't much a difference, but mgp team editions have better bars

How much are madd gear team edition scooters?

150$ for one

What is better madd gear pro signature or team edition?

i think the signature is better because it is all black and it comes with better colours

What is the difference between the madd gear pro and madd gear pro team edition?

There is no such scooter as the madd gear pro (MGP is Madd Gear Pro) but if you mean the MGP pro edtion scooter then the MGP pro is not as light, strong or as the as popular as the Team edition it is more so on the side for people who are not looking to do many jumps or tricks with.

What is better madd gear team edition or razor ultra pro?

Madd Gear team edition is way better for more experianced scooters, if your at a begginners stage you may want to begin with a razor ultra pro. Then later on once you have improved upon your skills move on to the MGP Team Edition or other MGP scooters like the Mgp nitro.

How long are madd gear vx2 team edition scooter orange wheels?


How much does the Madd Gear Pro vx2 team edition weigh?

29 lbs

Will phoenix suicide bars fit your madd gear team edition deck?


When is the Madd Gear pro team edition coming out?

They are out and so are the brand new vx2 team editions!

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