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halo reach by 3% ODST by 1% halo 1 and 2 by 2% (halo 1 and 2 started Halo 3) and thats it

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yes there is much more to do than halo 3

Halo reach is better than having sex.... ( Henry ) THATS NOT TRUE!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA

haLO 3 Is The BeST Reach is better

Halo reach is a improved game than Halo 3 ODST, so better graphics, game play etc. My personal option, yes, Halo Reach is better than Halo 3 ODST.

no halo wars is a rts(real time strategy). Halo 3 is way betteryes

Halo 3 because first hand combat is a lot better than strategy

no, but halo 3 is still a good game, reach is better because of the guns and facilities.

Looking at the facts Halo 3 was more anticipated than ODST, the sales of Halo 3 were higher, and 3/5 people said Halo 3 was better

I prefer Halo 3 better because Halo 3 is a very fun first-shooter game and Halo 3 wars is a 3rd-Person Strategy game.

i have halo 2 but never played halo 3 but i have played halo 3 odst and its better

Dude this halo u don't play as a cheating cyborghalo odst better campaign ITS THE SAME MUKTIPLAYER but a free map pack

Yes. It was the most anticipated halo game so far

halo 3 is second best but girls definitely come first.

Fallout 3 because i looked all over the internet and i counted up the votes: Fallout 3 had 1678 Halo 3 had 1443 So the answer is: Fallout 3 is better than Halo 3.

if you think Kirby is better than halo it is if you think halo is better than kirbie it is pepoles opinions are diffrent

Halo is better. For many Reasons. 1. Halo has much better music 2. Halo has a cooler name 3. Halo is an actual video game 4. I am very good at halo 5. Halo has better graphics than the Fray 6. Halo has better sound than the Fray 7. Halo has better gameplay than the Fray 8. The Fray doesn't have any enemies and many many other reasons.

halo 3 ODST is better than call of duty waw

Yes. Halo 3 is better. There is a book called Halo fall of reach and the game halo reach went totally off the storyline from the book

I would say if you don't own reach then don't buy it. From what I hear, halo 4 is going to be similar to halo 3.

Halo 3 ODST "drops" on September 22 2009 and if u have Eva played the normal halo 3 the levles and graphics are way better than the normal halo 3

REALLY DUDE WELL YES halo is better than gundam! HALO IS AWSOME

This is just me, But Sonic is definitely better than Halo.

no scorpion is better the a wraith in halo

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