What is biking?


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biking is when you ride a bicycle


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i love biking on rainy days. I always loved the mother nature.

Biking (with a bicycle): Rad fahren Radeln Biking (with a motorbike): Motorrad fahren

Depends what kind of biking you want to do and where you live.

Yes, there are special biking shoes designed specifically for biking. They have a special shape that fits into the pedal inserts. You may also do biking with normal or other athletic shoes.

u dont play mountain biking

SKiing, boating, biking, mountain biking, snowboarding...

Yes,dirt biking is a Olympic sport.

there is mountain biking in the olympics, there is only xc at the moment though

No, biking on any interstate is not allowed (At least in Utah.)

Biking gives a good work out of all the muscle groups

'quad biking' in welsh is 'beicio cwad'

Many ski resorts now hosts DH biking in the summer.

Infact it does, when your biking and listening to music you bike at the same speed as your music.

No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking happened in 1999.

No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking was created in 1999.

You can get used biking gear on eBay. You can also try Craigslist in your area for this.

Yes, sometimes it has been shown that biking can increase your skill in driving.

Me gusta viajar en bicicleta ('motocicleta' if you mean (motor-)biking)

Yes, Mountain Biking is in the Commonwealth Games, part of the Cycling program.

Bmx biking is riding a bike, usually with 20 inch wheel, and doing tricks and jumps with it.

100 calories per 45 minutes of leisurely biking.

Mark Langton has written: 'Mountain biking' -- subject(s): All terrain cycling, Mountain biking 'Mountain bike master' -- subject(s): Mountain biking

I find mountain biking exciting and fun. It is also technical, so it requires some thought, like when getting over a jump. Also there is some great scenery, like when I was biking in France, Holland and Scotland I found it funner than road biking too.

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