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What is biologically modified food?


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Well it is commonly known as genetically modified food, not biologically modified food, and it is where the genes of specific foods are manipulated or altered. This may be for example to alter the genetics of a vegetable to ensure they can not freeze, thus shipping this vegetable is slightly less of a hassle.

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There are many answers to your question, but they can all be summed up to this one answer: Things are genetically modified to increase monetary profit margins. You should next ask how will this modified food affect us all biologically.

No, unless they're biologically modified, which is always an option.

If it is genetically modified then it is not an organic food. Organic food is naturally grown.

There is a lot of talk about how genetically modified food is needed, but no real evidence that it is needed.

No, growing food organically has no connection to biotechnology. Biotechnology produces food that is genetically modified. Organic foods are not genetically modified.

Modified starch is used in food to thicken the product during cooking and preparation.

death. Nothing, food that hasn't been genetically modified is natural food. The kind of food people have been eating for thousands of years. Something is more likely to happen to you if you eat genetically modified food.

yes. but not true always this again depend upon how is this food modified genetealy

The harmful effects of the genetically modified food to health is that they contain cancerous cells.

Generally, when food is genetically modified, a gene from one species is forced into the DNA of a totally unrelated species.

Tuber is the modified organ of the plant potato.

organic foods are naturally grown and genetically modified are grown using special chemicals and such

Genetically modified food is created in a lab by removing a gene from one organism and forcing it into an organism of a different species.

I believe that Chicklets Fruit Flavored Gum is not Gluten Free, because of its Modified Food Starch. When The Ingredients Label lists Modified Corn Starch, that is okay. Or even Modified Food Starch (Corn), is fine. But plain old Modified Food Starch is the thing to avoid if Gluten Intolerant. :)

Apples have been genetically modified to prevent growing when they are cut.

its roots are modified to suck food from host

I would: I would be concerd about eating genetically modified food because you would get energy I wouldn't: I would now be concerd eating generally modified food because you would get virus in your body

People are concerned about this because genetically modified food is not natural food. It was genetically modified by a human or a machine. In either case, man made machine, and man isn't perfect. So, because of that, people are so concerned.

It depends on how it has been modified and what traits were selected for modification. Generally they grow at a similar rate to non-modified crops.

GMF = Genetically Modified Food

the correct answer is tuber...

There is no evidence that GMO food increases productivity.

No movement to try to prevent the development of genetically modified food technology is known. There are; however, people who choose not to eat food that is known to be genetically modified, due to questions about the health and environmental effects of genetically modifying plants used for food.

You would attempt to find all the components of an average, non-modified food item, then compare it to a food item of the same type that has been genetically modified to see if any other chemicals in the GM food item could be dangerous that aren't in the original food item.

How are humans organized biologically?

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